What are your Halloween Scary movie traditions?

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Big Bad Fluffy- Pants!
Barked: Tue Oct 16, '07 9:51pm PST 
Speaking of old movies, I have the silent version of Dr Jeckyl/ Mr Hyde. It is the one where they did not chaange his make up, he had to actually make his face change for the scene with acting. That old Hollywood really knew their stuff.
I love the Disney version of Headless Horseman, but I think Tim Buton's Sleepy Hallow was a really amazing adition to the legend.
way to go

Big Bad Fluffy- Pants!
Barked: Tue Oct 16, '07 9:52pm PST 
You scared me outta my fur!!!
Great story and I love your ghostie picture.
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My Angel
Barked: Thu Oct 18, '07 8:42pm PST 
I love scary movies! The only one that is really a tradition to watch every year is Nightmare Before Christmas, but I try to watch as many scary movies as possible in October! Luckily they often have many on tv and it's even better now that I have Tivo!
Then on Halloween I usually either have an actual party or just have some of friends over to watch scary movies...we usually pick one movie that is new that year and one older movie.

Here are some of my favorite horror movies that I often watch around Halloween:

-28 Days Later
-Blair Witch Project
-The Shining (Kubrick's)
-Night of the Living Dead
-Ginger Snaps
-Anything from Tim Burton

Elvira (In- loving- memory)

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Barked: Wed Sep 3, '08 8:02am PST 
For our family nothing scary either... but there are a list of older children movies we watch every year (ive done it since i was little)

1.witch's night out
2.the halloween that almost wasn't
3. it's the great pumpking charlie brown
4. garfield's halloween adventure
5.disney's halloween (or something like that)
6. the worst witch (the movie)
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