Members of the Week Contest - July 30 - August 5, 2007

♥Penny Ann♥

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Barked: Sun Jul 29, '07 1:17pm PST 
This is a fun contest which will sorta help us all learn a li'l bit about our group members! I do apawlogize, but fur obvious reasons, the Pennys of the Week will not be eligible to pawticipate in this contest during the week they are the chosen member of the week! They will receive a star, however, fur being chosen as Member of the Week! *And they will be given 10 points toward their monthly total accumulated points. (see last paragraph)
Each week I will post 9 facts, and 1 bonus fact, having to do with the Pennys of the Week.
Your job? Figure out which member of the week each fact pertains to and pawmail me your answers.
Example: POTW- Penny Ann and Rosie

1. This member is a kitty.
Answer: Rosie

2. This member is a weiner dog.
Answer: Penny

3. This member is getting married on July 1, 2007.
Answer: Penny

Okay! You get the idea... right?

Pawmail your answers to me and you will receive 1 point fur each correct answer. The bonus fact is worth 5 points! *Whoever gets the most points by the following Saturday at 6:00 p.m. will receive a star! Whoever gets the second most points will receive 2 rosettes. Anyone who gets at least 5 points will receive 1 rosette. *At the end of the month, whoever has received the most points total throughout the month will receive a $5.00 Zealies package!

I hope you all have fun with this and I wish you all the best of luck!

This week's Pennys of the Week are Sassy and Amber

Here are the questions!

1. Who likes to play 'hide-and-go-seek'?

2. Who is getting married in October?

3. Who has Cushing's Disease?

4. Who had a beautiful poem sent to her by some of her pals?

5. Who received a 'Shiny Penny Award' in December 2006?

6. Who admins the Dogster group Wigglebutts Are Sooooooooo Cute! ?

7. Who's tenth furever star is fur winning a contest?

8. Who had help from a dear pal to help with her diet fur a pancreatic condition?

9. Who's birthday is August 15th?

Bonus question: Who went on a cruise to The Bahamas in February 2007?

Good luck! And don't furget to pawmail me your answers before next Saturday at 6:00 p.m.! Please make the subject line "MOTW Contest July 30 - August 5" Thanks!

♥Penny Ann♥

True love has- put a wag back- in my tail!
Barked: Sat Aug 4, '07 9:15pm PST 
Uhhhh, well, we didn't have anyone pawticipate in this week's contest, sooooo I guess we'll try again fur next week! shrug