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primpy princess
Barked: Thu Jul 12, '07 6:13am PST 
A funny look, a half a smile
The wag of your tails make it all worth while.
Remembering you as babies just being born
mommy giving kisses and sacs being torn.
Your little whimpers and soft little cries
still to this day bring tears to our eyes.
Watching you grow bigger each and every day
All six of us together as a family we will stay.

Born In July
Barked: Thu Jul 12, '07 6:59am PST 
Very sweet~and we thought we had a big family!! BoL!!!

Out in the field we run and run,
Every day in the summer sun.
The pheasants run to and fro,
In the grass they lay real low.

We chase the sticks all day long,
As the ring tail dove sing a song.
An occasional fox sneaks on by,
As a redtailed hawk soars the sky.

Snakes slither through the grass,
Hoping we decide not to harass.
Rabbits hop through the brush,
Seeking grass, green and plush.

There's nothing like a lazy day,
With lots of shade for us to lay.
Long romps give us such a thirst,
Let's see who makes it home, first.

by tls & deuce © 2007

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Better to be- cute than good.
Barked: Mon Jul 16, '07 8:00am PST 
Every day we go to work,
For Mom's a groomer you see.

We bark at the dogs
while she does their hair,
We like it so much
we could pee!

They wiggle and wag
and try to get down
But mom holds on to them tight.

They quiver and quake
they whine and shake
Sometimes they get such a fright!

It's hard sometimes to share your mom
Whether a husky a pom.

The small ones she kisses
while we sit and wishes,
twas us she was lovin' upon.

We are glad she loves
the others so much
but oh how we wish
it was us
she would touch.

So alas as she puts us
up in the tub
Our dignity washed straight away.

our only wish is that she would
keep grooming the others today.

Brownie and- Gravy (The- Boys)

I'll get you!
Barked: Mon Jul 16, '07 8:05am PST 
"Ode to a Mauling"

No one is safe
no one escapes
a mauling by the brothers.

We hide and we pounce
we chase and surprise,
any and all of the others.

Seven of us
(plus those two dogs)
we certainly do have fun!

They're old and slow
no get up and go!
Us they will never outrun!
Holly Gamber -In Loving Memory

Beloved pet and- friend for 12- years.
Barked: Fri Aug 31, '07 5:23pm PST 
I smell the smells
I see the sights
Some things are so big
they give me a fright

I walk the walks
I run outside
but nothing compares
to the love that's inside


I can do- anything
Barked: Fri Aug 31, '07 7:47pm PST 
Hello, my name is Lucy,
I`m as happy as can be;
I`m just the same as other cats,
Except that I can`t see.

I love to run and jump and play,
I have my favorite toy;
My brothers like to play with me,
My life is full of joy.

My mommies, how they love me,
They tell me every day;
How their lives have become fuller,
Since I came to stay

They wish that I could see them,
I`ve known this from the start;
I hope that they can understand,
I see them with my heart.
Lucy Lou

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K.C., In- Loving- Memory

Please love me
Barked: Fri Aug 31, '07 8:49pm PST 

Please guide me , heavenly Father,
Somewhere above the sky;
To a place to call my own,
Thats safe and warm and dry.

A soft bed in the corner,
A dish beside the door;
Bells and balls and catnip toys,
Scattered on the floor.

A bowl of fish or chicken,
Every single day;
A tummy full, not empty,
For this, Dear Lord, I pray.

A gentle hand to smooth my fur,
A lap to call my own;
Being loved and cherished,
And never more alone.
KC kitty

Edited by author Fri Aug 31, '07 8:51pm PST

♥ Nebraska Pack

Big Gun Pack
Barked: Sun Sep 2, '07 12:36pm PST 

Nicely written every pup and kitten! Hey that rhymed!! BoL MoL

Did someone say - SQUIRREL???
Barked: Tue Sep 4, '07 3:15pm PST 
Poems Just For Fun,
Is the title of this thread.
I decided to give it some thought
And see if there’s a poem inside my head.

Here’s goes.......

Since discovering Dogster
A lot of new friends I've met.
There are really great forums
About issues that make me fret.

There’s always a willing ear
To hear my every woe.
And discuss all the dog ailments
From ticks to a broken toe.

Pup pals will make you smile
And start your day off right.
And if you’ve had a bad day,
They’ll help you have a good night.

I’m also leaning new tricks
That make me look so wise.
Like how to make links and such,
Though it’s taken a lot of tries.

I finally feel more normal
About being so dog obsessed.
There’s many more like me out there
To which they have confessed.

Thanks to everyone I’ve met
For making Dogster fun.
My day just isn’t complete
Til my dogster fix is done.

Holly Gamber -In Loving Memory

Beloved pet and- friend for 12- years.
Barked: Sat Sep 8, '07 3:55pm PST 
Heehee! Woof! That's really cute, Sophie!way to go
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