Dottie ends her fight

Dottie- (Angel)- 1995?-May- 2007

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Barked: Thu Jun 28, '07 4:30am PST 
I have gotten message from several of you when we joined greeting us. Thank for them. I just wanted to post Dottie lost her fight with cancer on May22th. She was an extremely brave and strong dog. She fought a fast progressing cancer than started in her mouth and had invaded her lungs. She beat the oral cancer 100% but the lung cancer took about 10 months to progress to a point where she was suffering. We were blessed with great vets and friends. I still will keep this group on my profile and if anyone wants to chat I am open. I also am active in another pet cancer chat forum that is very current, supportive, and informative on their posts. Best of luck to all fighting the cancer dieases.

Thoughts & prayers
Dottie's Mom

Cody-Momma's Boy
Barked: Wed Aug 1, '07 8:01pm PST 
Hi Dottie's mom,

Did she have squamous cell carcinoma? I had it in December, but my Dr removed it. It has returned and is on the other side of my mouth and has moved into my jaw (see my blog). I am going to try some herbal medicine to see if it works to slow it's progression.

Hope you are doing OK.