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I came. I saw.- I conquered!
Barked: Sun Mar 1, '09 7:53pm PST 
I love your thinking Max! I'm choosing your group for the Group of the Week!way to go

I came. I saw.- I conquered!
Barked: Sun Mar 8, '09 9:15pm PST 
March 8, 2009: PAWS FOR PAWS

Shout out by Admin, Minister Misty

PAWS FOR PAWS a sanctuary for furs that are victims of dogster/catster agression.
and for furs who want to make a difference.
we provide a save haven and protection.

Paws for Paws no matter what the cause
We'll make it right without using claws.
got a problem, need some help ?
Want somefur to listen or give a little advice ?
Bark or Meow to us...
we'll do all we can to help your pain, dont worry about those trouble makers they have nothing to gain.
Your save here, we got your back, we'll get them to stop if it takes our whole pack ! !
We got GOD on our side , so we have nothing to hide ! !

I came. I saw.- I conquered!
Barked: Sun Mar 15, '09 5:50pm PST 
March 15, 2009: Party Animal

Shout out by Admin, Angel

There are no other groups that can party like party animals! We love fun. So if you do then you can join as well. Any dogster or catser that enjoys playing and having a good time.

Checkers lost

Tail Wagaholic
Barked: Wed Mar 18, '09 2:48pm PST 
Can I post a group??

I came. I saw.- I conquered!
Barked: Sun Mar 22, '09 5:47am PST 
March 22, 2009: HAVE A HEART

Shout out by Admin, Kiki

I'd like to give a shout out to a group name Have A Heart which I am one of the Admin. It was created to raise funds for a one year old Pomeranian Casper who has a fatal heart condition and needs surgery soon or he will die.

This will be Casper's second surgery. We raised funds for him to have his heart surgery last November but the first surgery failed. The valved is closed again because he was growing and the scar tissue closed off the balloon that was put in there by the doctor (it shrunk). This time the doctor will attempt to put in a thicker balloon and since he is older, hopefully it will work.

We have a pawsome cookbook for furs and humans for sale and raffle tickets with lots of pawsome prizes. We raised over $2,000 so far and the goal is $3,500.

You can read more about Casper's heart condition on his diary at

UPDATE: They are now only a little over $450.00 from their current goal! So c'mon pups! We can do it!way to gosnoopyway to go

I came. I saw.- I conquered!
Barked: Sun Mar 29, '09 6:51pm PST 
March 29, 2009: TALKING AGILITY

Shout out by Admin, Sadie

A lot of members do Agility, some are thinking about getting into Agility and some just come for the fun of it. We now have over 400 members and the group has been going since August 2007!

I have a grrrreat bunch of Admins and we work as a Team. We have lots going on at the moment with a Top Dog Contest held every month; a Dog Show that is very popular; the Most Active Member is rewarded each month - and so much more!

I came. I saw.- I conquered!
Barked: Sun Apr 5, '09 7:01pm PST 
April 5, 2009: FANCYPANTS CAFE

Shout out by Admin, Maxi

This group is a great group that help out pups that are new to dogster and need a place to call home. For each member that comes in, we treat them just like family. If they are sad we try to cheer them up. We had a kitty that gal left dogster and he was so sad. Fancypants Cafe has made him the official little boy and we all take care of him. If we do not hear from him in a day we all go looking for him. That just the way this group is we care about each and member.

I came. I saw.- I conquered!
Barked: Sun Apr 12, '09 6:19am PST 
April 12, 2009: Calling All Chefs

Shout out by member, Kobe

Calling All Chefs is a new group (February, 2009) and we are not the admins. We are fairly new members there ourselves but we really enjoy it so we thought we'd give it a shout. It is a Cooking Group (human food) which was started by some Cats, Chefs Hazel Lucy and Chef Rooster, and it is the place for those who like to cook. We are foodie and love to cook so we wuv it.

I came. I saw.- I conquered!
Barked: Sun Apr 19, '09 5:24pm PST 
April 19, 2009: Puppies Rule

Shout out by Admin, Checkers

Hello! All Puppies and Dogs of any age are welcome here!! Please join in the fun and games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you everyone... and PAW- lease join! (This is a group especially for puppies, all kinds are welcome! It has many threads! And fun games!)
Georgie, CGC

Where's the- fun!! Let's- play now!!
Barked: Wed Apr 22, '09 6:13am PST 
Hi Gibbon, thanks so much for the great job you are doing.
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