Angel Wings!

Maggie Moo!- {{RIP}}

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Barked: Thu May 17, '07 8:22am PST 
Hello! This forum is only for if you want wings but don't have them. If you are in other groups for the Rainbow Bridge and they gave you wings then you can't have them YET. Once I finish with all the angels who don't have wings then if you want new ones then post herebig grin
Maggie Moo!- {{RIP}}

I miss- you...♥
Barked: Thu May 24, '07 6:27pm PST 
OK since no one is posting here, go ahead and post if you would like angel wings at all, even if you already have them!!
Chance- Elliott

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Barked: Tue May 29, '07 5:11am PST 
Hi, I'm fairly new at Rainbow Bridge and Mommy is still sad. I have a request in for wings in another group and I'm sure they will take care of me real well. I put my request in at the first group I saw making wings, I didn't know that there would me more. I just wanted to say big Thank you to anyone making wings because I think they will make Mommy feel better.

Maggie Moo!- {{RIP}}

I miss- you...♥
Barked: Wed May 30, '07 4:26pm PST 
Ok so sorry if I misunderstood, but would you like wings from us as well as your other group? We'd be happy to make them for you if the answer is yesbig grin
Miss Autumn (In Loving Memory)

Our Spoiled Baby
Barked: Tue Jun 19, '07 4:53pm PST 
Hi, I had to leave my family 4-12-07 and my Mom is still crying. I would love my wings and I know it would mean a lot to my famiy. Thank you from all of us above.
Maggie Moo!- {{RIP}}

I miss- you...♥
Barked: Fri Jul 6, '07 9:32pm PST 
OMC I am SOOO sorry Mom was away frown

Do you still want your wings? I'd be happy to make them for youway to go
Emmy MY- Angel

My Angel
Barked: Sun Jul 8, '07 7:24pm PST 
Please, my Emmy needs wings. Thanks.