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Did someone say - SQUIRREL???
Barked: Sun Jul 22, '07 2:02pm PST 
Yeah, don't you just love how humans think they know best and how they think they are protecting us? If they only knew how much better off they would be if they just let us take care of things.
Jack Daniels

Zoom zoom
Barked: Sat Aug 4, '07 10:28am PST 
Mommy and I went walking in the woods one day and I was zooming around, sniffing and rolling and chewing... well, no one told me beforehand that I shouldn't zoom and roll and sniff at a mysterious buzzing hole in the ground. Those mean, angry yellowjackets came pouring out and stung us a bazillion times! It was awful cry And I hurt so much that all I could do was hobble over to the stream and lay in it. Mommy hurt real bad too but she was so scared for me that she didn't notice the one that was still caught in her hair, and later it stung her a bunch more times in the neck! OOOOOOOh how I hate those nasty little jerks! Once we got home we had some Benadryl and that made us feel sleepy but much better. And I have totally learned my lesson about mysterious buzzing holes in the dirt!

Mommy and one of my horsie big brothers were out trail riding the other day. They stopped to pick wild raspberries and Mommy said she stepped right on a yellowjacket nest to reach the best-looking berries! Everyone started running but they got Mommy pretty good again, and got my big brother once on the leg but then he made his very angry face and scared the bees away! So maybe we should all keep a big angry Thoroughbred with us at all times, for sting prevention?way to go (Mom's note: trust me folks, a furious 1500lb racehorse is a thing of terrifying, awe-inspiring beauty)
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