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Please let us here your rescue story...whether you get chosen or not, you can share such positive stories with us to help alleve the problems with the abuse stories that we hear.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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Hiya Everypup! wave I'm Dickens and here's my story:

Mommy thinks that my previous owners had me chained to a tree outside and never paid any attention to me or socialized me before dumping me at the pound. I was so afraid of everything! toys, people, furniture, the television - I spent the first 2 days at my new mommy's house squished into the far corner of the backyard 'cause I was so afraid of everything (even her!). Mom was so patient with me and worked with me on all my 'issues' - one of the biggies was that collars & leashes terrified me! When mom would try to take me for a walk I would just 'pancake' to the floor and not move. The proudest day of mommy's life was when we finally made it over to her neighborh's house one day on a walk (he lived about 20 feet from our driveway and it took us 45 minutes to get there 'cause I kept stopping and pancaking to the sidewalk). My new mommy worked hard to show me that people can be good and there is nothing to be frightened of - I will always have enough food to eat, toys to play with, furniture to lay around on and love to enjoy!!! I absolutely looove my walks now! There was one last hurdle though (even after the whole distemper ordeal) ........I still didn't know how to play! After my new mom adopted me, she continuted to foster various rescue dogs. Although I didn't mind them sharing my house and my mom, I didn't really take much interest in any of them or have any desire to play with them. Then one magical day mom brought home foster doggie #22 and it was love at first sight (okay, he's a boy too, but you know what I mean) - we played, wrestled & hung out non stop! So this was what having a doggie friend was all about! Mom always says she chose me, and I chose TJ (my brother and bestest friend in the whole wide world!) Life is good!

Arrival Story:
Dickens is a euthenasia list rescue from the Maricopa County pound who was originally one of my foster doggies! We think he was about 3 years old at the time, was horribly treated in his previous home and came with huge amounts of baggage and fear. To top it off, he developed distemper and while 3 vets suggested I put him down, I knew he had it in him to survive. Well, it took a while, but Dickens is one of the most affectionate, playful, goofy and fun-lovings dogs i've ever had. Plus, he's so darn cute, he had to stay! His yucky past is lifetimes ago and hopefully he's forgotten it all! smile

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My previous owner left me in a flat to starve. The rescue people got to me and the cat, Emerald after i had been there fur two and a half weeks. The only way we stayed alive was by drinking water from the toilet.When mum first saw me i was starved, and covered in fleas. The rescue people said it was obvious that i had been mistreated before i was left.

Even after i had been through all that, i was gentle, loving, soft and trusting. Im the dog that taught mums granddaughter to love all dogs.

Leo (in- loving- memory)

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Barked: Tue May 15, '07 11:41am PST 
Theres a more detailed version of my story-

There was a big newspaper article about this dog and cat that had been left in an appartment to starve. The dog and cat were me and Emerald. The woman who ''owned'' us said she went on holiday and put a note through her neighbors door asking him to look after us.The only thing is, she KNEW that he was on holiday himself. She didnt really care though. The door to the kitchen was closed, so we couldnt get to any food. We survived by drinking water from the toilet.

We were there fur 2 and a half weeks without food. In that time i lost all my fur (appart from around my neck and the tip of my tail... Which is why i was called Leo... Like Leo the lion) and you could see every rib. I was in such terrible condition that i wasnt able to be adopted out until it had been 3 months. Mummy, who didnt like dogs, saw our picture and said ''we have to have that dog. If we get a dog, its him"". Daddy was pleased because he had wanted a dog fur ages. Mummy was determined to get me and Emmie and the dogs home chose her over all the other people that wanted me.
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Oh man, how can people be so stupid and inconsiderate. They should have the same thing happen to them. They wouldn't like it very much would they. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Well we are happy for the happy ever after part of your story!

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Awww sweet Leo - i'm so happy you found a wonderful home to live out your years with the love and comfort that you so very much deserved! hug

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I was abandoned at a Kill Shelter because my brother kept climbing the fence. I wasn't climbing, but that is OK because we were being neglected, without enough food, water, or any people around.

Scared of any noise, car rides, upset people, other dogs, and not house-trained, a sanctuary finally picked me up. They trained me not to "go," in the house and I liked being with their other dogs, but I didn't know how to play and kept grabbing the other girl-dogs legs. One boy-dog bit me because I got to his ball first. I still have a scar on my head.

My foster people were nice and caring people, but one time left me in my crate too long making me hate the crate. They loved me long enough to keep me a whole 5 weeks, but because they have a lot of other dogs they usually have to take new ones to Colorado.

They put me on - and lo' and behold! A new lady was looking for a Border Collie cross (that's me) to be with her other rescue dog. After some long conversations, her husband and she took me in.

My new sis, Abby, is a beautiful red and white Border Collie, and she is Sooooo patient with me! I still grab her legs sometimes, but she nicely teaches me not to. And I even taught her something! I showed her how to catch a ball, so I'm pretty smart, too!

Our Mom takes us to agility classes - mine is just Puppy Agility, but boy - do I LOVE it! Mom is a teacher, so she has summers to spend with us and takes us to a 500 acres open space! I'm not allowed to run around as much as Abby yet, because Mom says I run after everything that moves. But I'm learning to walk on a leash without pulling, and not chase so many grasshoppers :^) ....

With all our walks together, lessons with Abby and Mom, Agility classes, and lots of attention, I even love to "come here," now! There is always a reward waiting for me. I can "sit," and "down," and even wait patiently for my meals, which is pretty hard.

I come running when I hear the loud noise of the "chopping block," because it means it is mealtime - and Abby and I get the Raw Meaty Bone diet. I can never get enough of THAT. And Mom can ask me to, "go crate," and even close it - because we trust her so much!

And I like car rides now, because it means we are going some place special - like the Pet Store, or a new place to explore, or a place where they sell parts to make Abby and I "jumps," 'n stuff.

My new Mom and Dad really love us. I don't understand why other peoples get dogs and don't take care of us. I hope my brother is as happy and content as I. I'm sure he is....God just smiled on us, and good things happened.

Mom EVEN entered me in the contest!! I'm at: ontestant

I'd LOVE a FOUR STAR vote from all of you! I'm already in the 200's out of over 1700 contestant photos! It is so exciting - especially for my Mom.

I wonder what new places and things we will do next? --Josh snoopy

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We voted 4 paws -- if there were more, we would have voted that! Good luck and thank you for your wonderful story!

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Thank you Miss Jenna! I can use all I can get, and all the dogs who get the benefit of anything I may win - thank you, too!