Welcome Back Andrea and Reesee - We missed you!

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Barked: Thu May 3, '07 12:26pm PST 
Let me be the first to say how much we missed you while you were away. Your kindness and sensitivity and fellowship in our worship of God. We wait with open arms for you to come back to the group. We hope you are much better and we know you are strong and have won your battle with your eating disorder.

We love you guys!!!!

way to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to goway to go

Mommy and Jenna Pooh

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Barked: Thu May 3, '07 12:36pm PST 
Reesee & Andrea -

Words cannot express how much we have missed you! You have never been far from our thoughts and ALWAYS close to our hearts!

We're so proud of you!

Dickens, TJ & Ellen (mommy)cheerapplausecheerwavecheer
Lil Sassy

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Barked: Thu May 3, '07 4:48pm PST 
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Hi Andrea and Reesee, welcome back to the group. We know you've missed us as much as we've missed you and it's so good to have you back. Ms. Andrea, we know you are strong and we know that you have that old eating disorder licked, we have faith in you and we know you can do it.
Love always,
Lil Sassy and family


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Barked: Sun May 13, '07 3:40am PST 
Yes I'm back and I'd love to thank all of you for your continuous support! Ooooh I really appreciate ti! It means so much to Mommy and me! She is doing much better and she is kicking this eating disorders butt! You go Mom!

I'm just so happy that I am back here and I really appreciate everyone's love, support, prayers, kind thoughts, etc. They mean so much. What would I do without you guys?

Thanks ever so much!