Shih Tzu's-Greatest Dogs Eva!!


Layla-aka-Mommy'- s Princess
Barked: Wed Apr 25, '07 3:33pm PST 
Does anyone in this group love Shih Tzu's!! I do and in fact I am thinking about breeding my female shih tzu (Layla). One of the reasons is that when we found her at a convenience store, we didnt know but she was pregnant and the happiest I ever seen her was when she had her babies all around her, plus if anythhing ever happened to her I would want to keep a small peice of her. And a puppy from her would be perfect to remember her by. I want to keep one puppy for her to have a friend since she is always scared alone and wont crate train, do you think this is a good idea?? shrug thinking

Barked: Tue Jul 10, '07 2:24pm PST 
I think breeding is a no no. Leave it to the professionals. Why not post an advert for someone who has a dog who's social and see how they get on together, you may even make a good friend yourself. I am sure there will be plenty of dogs in your area, try a free posting site on the internet or in a newspaper or something.

Natalie & Bubba