A Dog event in Suffolk, VA


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Barked: Sun Apr 1, '07 1:28pm PST 
I just copied and pasted the Ad from Craigslist. I thought I would share it with my fellow dogster members...

Hey Fluffy and Rover make sure to mark Mom and Dad's calenders so that they don't miss Just Fur Fun 2007 at Bennetts Creek Park in Suffolk on May 20, 2007 from 12-4. This event will be a fun-filled day for canines and their human companions, designed to promote adoptions and raise community awareness of pet health and safety and responsible pet ownership.

For Further Informaiton Contact Debbie George at 757-514-7948. See you there!!dogdogdog
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Barked: Tue Apr 3, '07 5:47pm PST 
Cool Hera! Our mom's doing a doggie fundraiser for the Peninsula SPCA that day. Must be a good day for animal fundraisers! cheer

Do you mind if we post about the Peninsula SPCA event too? We don't want to take away from the Suffolk dog event, but maybe if people can't make it to Suffolk they could make it to Newport News? Either way the doggies win right? snoopy

The Peninsula SPCA info is here: http://www.peninsulaspca.com/dogwalk.html

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Barked: Fri Apr 6, '07 6:51pm PST 
I don't mind at all. I always love supporting as many Doggie family events as possible. It is always good to spread the word about awarness, safety and adoption events for pets. There are so many in need of some help and education.dogsnoopy


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Barked: Sat Apr 7, '07 2:25pm PST 
wow.. 2 in one day! And we live right in between em! BOL. Momma thinks we'll probably go to one for a little bit, then go to the other. smile Thanks for sharing!!!!!