I am royally new :)


The Carob-Chip- Cookie Monster
Barked: Tue Feb 27, '07 6:04am PST 
Hi everyone!
I just wanted to introduce myself since I am the latest Club Royal member. Finally, a place where everybody recognizes that we are the ones who are really in charge hail .

I am a very spoiled 6.5lb. Maltese. My mom just subscribed to Plus so you can see more pictures of me on my page now. I'm always up for new pals, so feel free to add me if you want to!
Princess Mia- Ruby- Thermopolis

Cavalier Kissies- since 2005,- baby!
Barked: Tue Feb 27, '07 11:42am PST 
snoopy I am dancing with joy! Welcome! I am off to visit your wonderful page again! Feel free to have fun here!big grin
Amor- ♥

Amor means love
Barked: Wed Feb 28, '07 7:13pm PST 
WELCOME. You are a cutey & we are soo happy to have you here!way to go