Coconut & Kiss

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Savannah aka- Banners!

Banners on the- Run! NOT!
Barked: Sun Feb 11, '07 1:42pm PST 
Our family is getting bigger!

Welcome little ones!
Cheyenne- Moon

Live, love and- play
Barked: Sun Feb 11, '07 1:59pm PST 
We're SO happy to meet you both!!! You're pics are just way too cute!

Look out- world-here I- come!
Barked: Sun Feb 11, '07 2:16pm PST 
Thanks guys-we're happy to be here. Daddy is excited because we slept all night AND we are litter box trained. He said that we are just too much! (I think he means it in a good way)


Hey you - give me a belly- rub.
Barked: Sun Feb 11, '07 5:11pm PST 
Welcome Kiss and Coconut! Yea! More brindles in the hood! dancingdancingdancingdancingdancingdancing

Redefining the- word edible.
Barked: Sun Feb 11, '07 5:12pm PST 
Welcome cousins! Woo hoo!!! So glad you've arrived. wave

King Kong and I- have a lot in- common!
Barked: Sat Feb 17, '07 2:57pm PST 
We wanted to give an update-this has been a busy week. Daddy had surgery onThursday, so Momma was home to take care of him on Thursday and Friday. He is doing great, which makes us HAPPY. We didn't get to see him at all on Thursday and only part of the day on Friday. Aunt Janis stayed with us on Thursday and then on Friday while they were at the doctor office. The fun part was that we slept on the couch with Momma because she had to get up every 2 hours. We slept right on the pillow, like big girls.
We went to the vet on Monday and got a clean bill of health. No worms, even. We go next week for booster shots (yuck). They weighed us, and we both weighed 5 pounds! We are growing like weeds, and love to play wh the boys, although Momma and Daddy have to remind the to be gentle. Dakini will play with us some, but not as muh as Paku and Omari.

King Kong and I- have a lot in- common!
Barked: Sat Feb 17, '07 3:03pm PST 
A special thank you to Apache, Cheyenne, Marlow and Lynn for the puppy package. It was so exciting getting toys and treats! Omari thinks they are his, but he does share. He likes to play keep away.
CH Astarte's- Apache River

learning the- ropes
Barked: Sat Feb 17, '07 7:08pm PST 
We're happy your daddy's surgery went well. I bet you've all been giving him lots of those puppy kisses to help him get better fast!
Oh...the dogter...I don't like the dogter, I'm glad you were both ok so youdon't have to see him much....except for next week. WOW, you're big little girls already..weighing in at 5 lbs AND getting to sleep on the pillow!!! Pretty soon they'll be telling you two to take it easy on Paku and Omari! I think Dakini is taking a rest from having to entertain the boys for so long.
We're all happy you liked your package and Omari sounds just like Marlowe!!!!


Sky Dancer with- an attitude!
Barked: Sun Feb 18, '07 9:03am PST 
A note from Momma
It's a whirwind around here. This morning, we let the 3B's in the large part of the yard to run some energy off, and kept the girls on the patio. We had 2 sets of B500 going! Coconut kept getting SPAS (short puppy attention span) and Kiss would get SOOOOOOO upset, and just talk to her like nobody's business. The girls are pretty fearless, and quite the climbers, jumpers, and runners. You know-typical B's.

Look out- world-here I- come!
Barked: Sun Feb 18, '07 9:08am PST 
We have official names! Momma and Daddy had my name picked out, just not what they were going to call me.

My registered name is Asil's Kahwia Sukari Busu. Momma and Daddy are going to call me Sukari which means Sugar.
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