Shout out to my new Collie friends!


Barked: Sat Jan 6, '07 8:11am PST 
Hi everywoof!
My humans just found Dogster and are really excited to talk to other Collie owners. They got me in October and we are getting along great, but since they've never owned a Collie, they bet there is lots of info out their they need. After all, we are a pretty special breed!
Look forward to barking with you all!

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Barked: Thu Apr 5, '07 7:35am PST 
My Mom is new to Collies as well.She has had Shelties and still has one, my big dog friend Scout.
Im only 10 weeks old. I just had heart surgery last week. They found out I had 3 defects. And fixed the really really bad one. So hopefully I can live with the other two. Cross yer paws!!
My Mom is learnin about Collies as well.. but I know she LOVES me all ready.. whats not to love about a Collie??

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Barked: Sun Apr 8, '07 10:32am PST 
Just joined, be happy to try an answer any questions you may have!


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Barked: Fri Apr 27, '07 4:07pm PST 
Hi I'm Rascal and I've been with my family for 4 years. My tells everyone that I'm the most loving gentle dog she has ever had. Here's my mom now.

Rascal really is the best dog. I have had many dogs but the collie has surpassed all of them in gentleness and love. He gets along with other dogs and he even likes the cat and opens the door for her to go out. He is the best dog around young kids. I've had poodles, golden retriever, labs, sheltie, and a cocker but Rascal has truly captured my heart 100%,
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Barked: Mon Jul 30, '07 4:35pm PST 
I'm a not a Collie, but my mistress is a HUGE Collie lover, and so has read a LOT about Collies. She could answer many questions.

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Barked: Sat Jan 12, '08 8:50pm PST 
Hi and welcome to this group even if it isn't too active..My mom used to raise Collies a long time ago and I found her almost two years ago on the computer..I'm kinda different cause I'm a while collie with a tri colored head..But Mom says I am one of the most active collies she can remember..and I love to talk that a bad thing???red face

Anyway I am also the most lovable one she can remember as well..I love everyone.even though I have my big boy bark now and I back up my big brother Magic who really knows when to bark and when not to.and my little sister Emma who I just love to death..she kinda likes to bark too..but I do more than bark I talk to my humans all the time..and I am patient about them comeing around to it after all they are only humans...Sometimes it takes humans longer to understand us..

Mom says any questions she would be glad to help with..and if any one has any ideas on my talking issues I guess you can pass them along to her as well..
That's it for now..
Chance- Romance

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Barked: Fri Mar 14, '08 1:25pm PST 
Well, I just snuck into this group because my rescue dog is mostly collie and as I read the posts here, I really believe it, especially when I read about the talking. He has something to say about everything! He makes me want a purebred collie and maybe I will someday but there are SO many rescue dogs in Georgia, I think I will have to keep rescuing. Chance is about eight months old now and in trouble a lot. He's crazy athletic and probably needs a treadmill. I've owned a purebred sheltie in the past and the breeds are like night and day. The sheltie was shy and barky. Chance barks but he seriously believes that he is communicating and it's a very different type of barking than the sheltie. Glad to be here with you and I hope to learn a lot about collies from all of you. We're responsible pet owners and decent dog trainers but haven't had a dog as big as Chance in a long while. He's getting our attention!
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Barked: Wed Aug 20, '08 10:30pm PST 
Hi to all. We Collies are the greatest. Gracie Rae [my niece] and myself are both very smart. we collies are very devoted to our people. My Mom has always had Collies. She says we are the most beautiful fur babies in the universe. We Love our Mom and Dad as much as they do us. They give us everything and more. If you have any questions Mom has had Collies for over 20 years. She also trains us. We are new here and we are looking forward to you all visiting us. Take care till next time. Abbey and Gracie

Our child
Barked: Fri Sep 12, '08 6:32pm PST 
We are Sammy and Summer and are new to dogster. I, Sammy has been with my mom and dad since I was a puppy over 5 years ago. Summer just joined our family in July. She came from the same breeder I did and we found out that she is my niece!!!! I really like her and she is a lot of fun. Mom and Dad are moving to a new house soon and I haven't seen it yet, but we are getting a custom house for me and Summer!!!!! It kind of matches the house!!! I knew we were special. Summer gets to start obedience classes next week. Hopefully she will learn a few things. I loved my classes! Hope to hear from some of you!smiledog