I love to play!
Barked: Wed Jan 3, '07 1:54pm PST 
Hi everyone!!! i'm new here.

C is for cookie,- is good enough- for me!
Barked: Tue Jan 30, '07 9:39pm PST 
Hello and welcome. This is quite the quiet group page. If you are looking for chats, check out some of the other sheltie pages!

The Barking- Prince
Barked: Thu Feb 22, '07 4:50pm PST 
Wow this is a really quiet group. Someone needs to start barking up a storm!smile


Bark, and the- world tells you- to shut up
Barked: Sun Feb 25, '07 9:44am PST 
We have found that a lot of the sheltie groups are quiet! Which is funny cause most shelties have something to say most of the time! Welcome to the group!

throw the ball!- throw the ball!
Barked: Tue Mar 20, '07 7:19pm PST 
Yep, this does seem like a quiet group for a sheltie list! Most sheltie lists are quite 'yappy'!

throw the ball!- throw the ball!
Barked: Tue Mar 20, '07 7:20pm PST 
Hmm why am I showin up as a guest?? I have a dogster page.
Clancy John

Clancy and Pa- forever.
Barked: Mon Nov 5, '07 4:33pm PST 
I'm just barking up a storm way across the ocean. Hope that someone will bark back a little. I's like to learn a bit about the UK.
Gray Dawn- Treader

Don't Tread on- me
Barked: Sat Dec 1, '07 8:04am PST 
It's quiet at my groups too. Anyone want to join my group and make some noise there and here?
My groups are:
!!!Shelties and Collies are Grrrreat!!!
Borders, GSDs, Collies, and Shelties
Behavior Problems [most active of my groups]
St. Marys Mutts & Kitties
Dog and Cats Standing on the Solid Rock

That last one is for Christians.
Oh, and welcome Lady!laugh out loud