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Balls, Balls,- Water, Water,- Water...
Barked: Thu Nov 30, '06 3:16pm PST 
Please list your Birthday date, year you were born, and how old you are turning...

We would like to Celebrate your Birthday....

Also, list what you would like to receive for your Birthday...

Wishes do come true!!!

Sunshine Hugs and Surprises,
Lucy, Our- Golden Angel

Bark at- everything!
Barked: Thu Nov 30, '06 6:07pm PST 
Mom and dad made the 1st of Jan my birthday. I think I will be turning 4 years old.
For my birthday, I would like cookies, cake, Frosty Paws, more treats, a trip to the park and a brother!
Tedibear- Our Girl- Forever

Miss Bear
Barked: Fri Dec 1, '06 6:05am PST 
My birthday is September 27, 2000. I would like my mom to make peanut butter cookies.

Captain Squirt of the High Sea

I love the Ocean
Barked: Fri Dec 1, '06 7:09am PST 
September 28 2001. Next year I'll be turning six. I'm wishing for Hambones and lots of fun.

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YES WE CAN!- Obama/Biden- 2008!
Barked: Wed Dec 13, '06 6:20am PST 
My birthday is October 20, 2004. For my birthday I would like health and happiness for my family and friends and some peanut butter treats. smile

Barked: Wed Jan 3, '07 8:47am PST 
My birthday is December 30, 2000. I just turned six years old 5 days ago. This year I'll be turning seven. For my birthday, I'd like extra treats.

Balls, Balls,- Water, Water,- Water...
Barked: Wed Jan 3, '07 7:49pm PST 
My Birthday is April 14, 2002...I will be turning 5 Years old and I would love to have a Big Birthday Party with all my Wonderful Golden Friends....XOXOX

Take time to- stop and smell- the flowers!
Barked: Mon Jan 8, '07 4:55am PST 
My Bd is sept 2 2003 I will be 4 yrs old..All I want for my BD is to make my mom pround of me in the show ring....and maybe a cake for my bd
Kuai Kuai - (R.I.P- 2004-2009)

bringing the old- Crushes back :P
Barked: Mon Jan 8, '07 8:19pm PST 
My b'day is on January 10th...coming soon!And All I want is a funderful b'day with all my pawsome pals!

Give me some- dirt and I'm in- it!
Barked: Mon Jan 15, '07 5:29am PST 
My Birthday is October 2. I will be 1 year old on October 2 2007.
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