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Dakota - Psycho Pup- Zoomie Queen
Barked: Wed Nov 22, '06 4:40am PST 
Hey everywoof, I'm Dakota!

I'm a little over a year old (maybe a 13 months?). I look like a cross between a German Shepherd and some sort of collie, mom thinks border collie, and maybe something else (retriever of some sort?).

Anyhoo, I've never been to any formal training classes. I can, however, sit, stay, down, come (not 100% recall), wait (sorta like stay), shake, wave, high five (more like high ten), bow, roll over, dance (turn in a circle), kiss (touch my lips to momma's cheek)...hmm...she started teaching me "over" (jump) but decided to hold off on the jumping until I'm a little older....I think that's about it. I might have forgotten something, but ah well!

I hope to learn lots of new tricks! Momma...get off your butt and start teaching me! puppy

edited to add: oh yes, I'm working on "watch me"...I also know "no" (bol), and "leave it"

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My name is not- NoNo!
Barked: Wed Nov 22, '06 10:47pm PST 
Hi! wow...there are a lot of very smart doggies here!

My name is Haley and I'm 5 months old. I've never attended any classes before as I was sick often when I was younger. But now I'm all healthy and my mommy and daddy train me at home. I can do sit, down, wave, stay, paw, high 5, go to crate, go home (to my playpen), come, stand (on 2 legs), take a bow, crawl, take a nap (lie down on my side), hide (paws covering my eyes), roll over, climb up and climb down. But all you smart doggies here really inspired me to learn more! Woof!

The hardest trick to teach me is to heel during walks. I mean why should I stay at mommy's or daddy's side when there are so many other interesting things out there that I want to sniff!! but mommy and daddy are persistent that I should be able to heel. They say it's for my own good... I'm not sure why....

Terrier- ific!
Barked: Thu Nov 23, '06 2:28pm PST 
Hi I'm Caffrey and I live across the pond in England.
I went to puppy classes and then pregressed onto the Good Citizen Dog Award Scheme where I earned Bronze and Silver. I may be starting Agility in the spring which I am very excited about big grin


~ Pretty Girl ~
Barked: Thu Nov 23, '06 3:43pm PST 
Woof! I'm Lily.

I've been to Puppy Kindergarten...that's it. I know sit, down, dance, wait, let's go, and shake, but not paw 'shake', I'm talking about shake like when you get out of the shower shake!!! Mom taught me that one so I would get most of the water off after I take a bath, but before she has to wipe me off!

I also know what different words mean that probably a lot of other doggies know like, mommies home, daddies home, wanna go for a walk, go for a ride, etc.

I'll be interested to see some great tricks by other members. Maybe I could even learn a thing or two!
Mia Bella

Just a little- girl!
Barked: Thu Nov 23, '06 8:12pm PST 
Hi everyone I'm Mia. I am a 7 month old long haired chihuahua (although my Chi ears have not popped up and probably won't so most people don't realize I'm a Chihuahua). I love people and most other small dogs although it takes me a bit to warm up.

Mommy and I have been to puppy kindergarten when I was about 3-4 months old. All I really know right now is 'sit' and 'stay'. I can 'down stay' but I haven't really gotten the 'down' part right yet. I can also retrieve pretty well. And mom says I do amazingly well heeling.

In my puppy kindergarten class I was the smallest dog and everyone would joke when we were learning how to heel that I was learning how to fly because everyone was walking so much faster!

Edited to add: We are planning on doing an advanced training class when mommy gets some extra money and that will include the Canine Good Citizen test at the end of it.

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Ginger DSA- ThD TT CGC - &hearts

My Angel
Barked: Fri Nov 24, '06 12:49am PST 
Hi! I am new and so is my "brother" Pooch so we will each post separately...
I love learning tricks and any other type of training! I have taken many many classes, including obedience classes up to and including Novice Obedience levels, many agility classes, flyball, and a lot of shorter courses or seminars in things like tricks, rally-O, freestyle, and etc...

I know a lot of different tricks but I still like to learn new ones! I know about 55-60 commands total (including obedience, agility, tricks etc).
Pooch ~ I- miss you ~

love forever
Barked: Fri Nov 24, '06 12:52am PST 
I'm Pooch. I am a terrier and I LOVE tricks! They're my favorite thing ever! I also love clicker training. I am 12 years old and I still love training and going to classes!
I have been to about 3-4 obedience classes including 2-3 clicker based ones. I have also been to flyball classes and a clicker tricks class which I loved!
Some of the tricks I know are paw, play dead, roll over, beg, play a piano, paint a picture (you can see a photo of me painting on my dogster page), back-up, wave, fetch, speak, drop it, and etc...
I am working on learning how to honk a bicycle horn on command with my nose or mouth.
Sparky- ♥Rest- in Peace&

I like to move- it, move it!
Barked: Fri Nov 24, '06 7:41am PST 
Hiya! I'm a Jack Russell/Toy Fox Terrier cross and tricks are my specialty! My favorites:

"UP!" - I jump high in the air and twirl while I do it
"SPIN!" - Spin around really fast several times
"Speak!" - I Bark! Bark! Bark!
"Roll over" - I'm getting good at this one. My sister is the master at it, though.
"Walk" - I stand up on my back legs and walk around. The people love that!
"Touch" - I touch mom's hand or a target stick or a toy with my nose
"Fetch" - we all know that one. Teehee.

Since I'm learning Disc dog, I'm also getting really good at the trick where I leap up onto mom's back and bounce off of it, hoping to catch something, or at least retrieve it. It's fun, but I need some practice on catching!

I do agility, so I know things like "Jump It" and "Walk it", "Out", "Go target", etc. It's so fun!

I can also do your basics. "sit", "down", "come", "wait" or "stay", etc. But those are a little boring...I like action! I'm hyper!

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be joining this group. Thanks so much! And I look forward to learning tons more from you master trick dogs! Mom says we're ever looking to expand our "repertoire". Teehee.

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Sierra Mist- CL1

Just Do(g) it
Barked: Fri Nov 24, '06 7:52am PST 
Hello, Everydoggie! I'm a trick dog, too. I lovelovelove learning! Looking for that Click! is the most funnest thing in the entire world, next to agility. smile

My current tricks include:

"Spin" - spinnin' around in circles, fast, several times
"Roll over" - one of my favorites. smile
"Figure 8" - weave in and out and in and out of mom's legs! I can even do this while she's walking!
"Touch" - touch the target(stick, mom's hand, toy) with my nose
"Up" - I leap into mom's arms for hugs...often after a great agility run!
"Place" - wrap around mom's leg so that I'm sitting at her left side
"Side" - wrap around mom's leg so that I'm sitting at her right side
"Come around" - I go behind her to switch sides

I do agility, too! My favorite thing in the world! I know lots of agility commands. "Go table" (mom will do this in the house, too, so that I run to the closest chair, jump up on it, and flop down as fast as posssible. Fun!), "Out", "Jump it", "Walk it", "CONTACT", "Go poles", "Dive", etc.

Bikejorring commands:
"Hike!" - go go go!
"Hup!" - speed up!
"Woa" - slow down/stop
"Gee" - go right!
"Haw" - go left!

I can do your basic "Sit", "Down", "Wait" or "stay", "Here", etc. I love learning, I love tricks, and I'm thrilled to be here! Thanks so much, all you amazing trick dogs!
♥Hal- lie♥- Rest I

Saw it, Wanted- it, Threw a Fit,- GOT IT!
Barked: Fri Nov 24, '06 7:58am PST 
Hi there! I'm new! I like tricks just like my siblings.

I can do "sit", "down", "stay" or "wait", "come", etc. Your basics. My real tricks include:

"Spin" - going around in circles several times
"Walk" - on my back legs. People like that one!
"Bow" - I take a bow when people clap for my tricks, BOL

I can do agility, too! I know agility commands like "Jump it", "Go table", "walk it", "dive", etc.

My bikejorring commands:
"Hike!" - Run run run!
"Hup!" - go faster!
"Woa" - slow down/stop
"Gee!" - go right!
"Haw" - go left!

I'm ever learning new things and I love to do it! Thank you all for letting us join this fun group and I look forward to participating!
~Hallie Petunia
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