New Members, please intoduce yourself HERE!!

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Barked: Thu Nov 16, '06 5:50am PST 
Welcome Pups!! Thank you for your self-intro!

Please don't feel being left out if I don't post my reponse here. I always read your posts and I always refer back here to check what do you already know/ what are your learning methods when answering your questions. smile

Have fun and you can always post your suggestions in the forum or contact me! I'm a very open pup so feel free to ask/ suggest smile

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Barked: Thu Nov 16, '06 11:11am PST 
Hi I'm Echo!! I'm a 2 & 1/2 yr old choc. labbie. I will do anything for a cookie & I LOVE to play agility & disc dog. My human trained me at home, but we went to classes to learn agility.

I also know: sit,wait,lie down, come here, high-five(both paws),spin left & right,go around(circle my human- both ways),be a bear, ponytail(attack the nearest person with a ponytail in their hair), give kisses,go to your mat(go lie down on my bed),get it(whatever you're pointing at),thru(run through my human's legs) & probably a few more that my human can't think of right now. Nice to meet all you other talented pups!!

Tail wags & labbie licks,

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Barked: Thu Nov 16, '06 4:04pm PST 
Hey Im Jasper! I have not been to any training classes my owner is 15 and just LOVES LOVES LOVES animals so she trained me all mine right now I know Stand, Dance, Speak, High five, Crawl, Sing, Roll over, Shake one, Shake two, play dead ( i will lay there until you say okay sometimes i fall asleep!) , Sit, laydown, Get the squirrel (bushy as a i refer to itsmile, Wave, Bowe, Stool on command, Kill (I will attack people on command haha! I know im viscious!)


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Barked: Thu Nov 16, '06 4:07pm PST 
Hey Everyone! I didnt go to any classes my owner trained me herself I know Shake, Rollover, Play dead (I will lay there until you say okay) I will hold a bone on my nose until you say okay, Crawl, Jump, Sit, Laydown, Stay, Laydown, Heel and Am the best in my family at catching anything in my mouth i could be in a compotition!, Hold Still, Get the paper, and speak AND I LOVE TO HUNT!

Barked: Thu Nov 16, '06 5:30pm PST 
Hi, I am Pierre, and I am a one year old 5 pound toy poodle. We did not go to any type of formal schooling, I am a home-schooled pup, just like my human brothers and sisters are homeschooledwink

I know the basics like sit, stay, give paw, lay down, roll over, speak on command, I also pee pee and poo on command. I, however, have a huge problem with "come".....the problem is...I DON"T LISTEN TO COME!! If momma says come, I go running in the opposite direction (hee hee, I think it is funny, mom however,gets very very annoyed.) I would be fine with what I know, but mum wants me to come, heel and dance........woman! They are never satisfied!! BOL
Little Pokey

www.littlepokey.- com
Barked: Fri Nov 17, '06 8:57am PST 
Wow there are a lot of smart pups here!! My mum is very impressed at some of the things you guys can do. I'm Pokey and I'm a 4 month old Chihuahua. At the moment there is a slight difference of opinion between my mum and I as to what actually constitutes a 'trick'...

Personally I'd say my best tricks include snuggling, cuddling, looking cute, standing on two legs giving my mum the big 'doggy eyes' look, finding food that isn't mine and - most importantly - tidying up (ie taking anything left on the ground such as clothes, shoes, food etc and bringing it to my bed to play with). I also used to be an expert monkey 'humper' until 2 days ago when mum had me neutered.

Mum on the other hand thinks my best (and only) trick is 'sit' which I will only do when I feel like it and if she has a yummy treat in her hand (well why else would i bother???)

I'm looking forward to learning lots of new tricks (Jasper - i like the sound of "kill") and picking up tips from you smart pups!

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Barked: Fri Nov 17, '06 10:23am PST 
Hi I'm Naila.

I'm currently taking agility once a week and am in my third month. I love it, it is so much fun. Commands in that class I know are: weave, tunnel, over (for the jumps), teeter, walk, climb, focus, tire.

Tricks I have learned with my Mama are: sit, stay, stand up, walk, turn, dance (I stand up and then do a turn on four legs), ballet (where I turn while standing up on two legs), crawl, dig, paws up (Mama makes a fake gun out of her hand and points it at me), BANG! (this is when Mama shoots the fake gun and I fall down dead), roll over, shake with right or left paw, lie down, high five, high ten, kiss, speak, quiet, come, beg and hug.

Things I need to work on: sit/stay and come when outside of the home -- I only listen when I want to. Also, heel.

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Tripp, CGC

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Barked: Fri Nov 17, '06 12:37pm PST 
Hey Everybody!

I'm Tripp and I've learned all my tricks at home with Mom. Since I was a foundling, Mom didn't know the right words to get me to follow commands I had learned before, so we just started with hand signals and it worked! Other than the usual commands, most of which I already knew when I found my Mom, my tricks include "Lip Synch" which is a silent bark, hoop jumping, balance beam on any horizontal surface, HUG and Kiss, and a sound trick where I start with a growl and end with raised tone/questioning sound and head tilt like the old RCA dog. If anyone could name it for me that would be great! My Mom cracked up when I started making that sound while playing alone with my toys.

I'm very interested in learning new and unusual tricks as I'm a VERY fast learner and Mom wants me to be challenged.

I'm really glad to be a part of this group.

Where's the- Ball???
Barked: Fri Nov 17, '06 2:23pm PST 
Hi All the very clever doggies here!

My name is Annie - and I went to pre puppy school then big school for about 1.5 years. I can do sit, stay, drop, roll, high five and beg. I started flyball but Dozer came along and both of us in the car is not good - I get excited and start doing little woohoo's and it scares Dozie - so Mummy and Dad just keep up with the basics.
Would love to learn some new tricks!!

The Boy From- Oz!!!!
Barked: Fri Nov 17, '06 2:28pm PST 
Wow - I don't think I should be in this group....I'm not really good at tricks. Mum and Dad tried to take me to school and I went for a little while, but in the car Annie made me nervous cause she got so excited but I didn't understand so got a little defensive and protective. Some days I went to school with just Mum and that was ok. So I only know the basics. Sit, stay, drop and I try to beg. I don't like having my front paws touched, but only 1 month ago Mummy persisted and now I can shake hands!!!
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