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Penny- CL3,TBAD,- TG-2

~No- Longer Fat- Bottom'd- Girrrl!~
Barked: Mon Nov 13, '06 10:18am PST 
Hi I'm Penny, I am just over a year old. I went to puppy playschool, Level 1 obedience, Level 2 obedience, Level 1 Agility and am currently in Level 2 Agility at
I heel naturally (amazing feat for a doxie!). I am working on trying to remember that its OK to be on the right side. My Obdedience classes stressed heeling on the left, so my right side stuff is weaker.
I know sit, down, come, bow, spin, and am ok with wait and stay (I have a touch of Mommy-itis and despise being too far from her)
Peppered- Jelly Belly- Bean, NPC

Bean Alert!
Barked: Mon Nov 13, '06 10:24am PST 
I'm Pennys big brother Jelly Bean, you can call me JB if you want. I also went to puppy play school and Level 1 & Level 2 obedience at Gemini. I was not fond of obedience classes, but my best trick is "peep" where I sit up on my haunches like a ground hog. I know sit, down and lets go..basic stuff.. My school is planning to start an EarthDog class, I will be trying that out.
Celestial Sr- Issac- Newton, NPC

What goes up,- must come down!
Barked: Mon Nov 13, '06 10:27am PST 
Hi!!! I'm Newtie!! I am JB and Penny's little brother. I am currently the star of my Level 1 Obedience class at Gemini! I know the words and hand signals for sit and down, I know come and stay too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to Fetch a toy when it is thrown, Mommy is thinking Agility and Flyball for me! I am the cutest when I do my down. I can't wait to learn more tricks!!

Sammy- ♥ - KABX

Got Balls?
Barked: Mon Nov 13, '06 10:57am PST 
Hi I'm Sammy!
I did not go to any classes, because mom and dad found be to be extremely easy to train and eager to please. (Duh, I'm a lab! )

I know sit, shake, high five, high ten, lay down, speak, hush, fetch, go find Jeb, kisses, dance, roll over, how to catch food in my mouth, and some others that mommy can't think of right now.

I like to talk about learning new tricks and stuff like that.

Got people food?- I'll eat it!!
Barked: Mon Nov 13, '06 11:00am PST 
Hi everypup my name is Jeb. I am Sammy's brother and I am the complete opposite of him. I did attend obedience school at Petsmart, but I failed. hehe.

I only know sit and paw consistently. I will, on occasion, laydown, but there has to be a snausage or beggin strip involved. BOL!

I like to talk about food and how to get food and treats and how to get treats!

Barked: Mon Nov 13, '06 3:30pm PST 
Hmm..Ok this is embarrassing. My name is Helga. I can sit when I feel like it. That is about it. I can do it in two languages....when I want to. I hope this does not get me kicked out.

Mom has the clicker & the book....she just needs to start!

Barked: Mon Nov 13, '06 3:33pm PST 
Hi..I 'm Ellie. I am 3 yrs. old like my littermate Helga. I can sit, stay & come on command. In two languages, because I do not have an attitude problem like she does BOL *Ellie , looking around to see if Helga is listening*

I am easier to train than she is for some reason....I like to please!

We are both excited to be in this group of talented pups. We will try to do our best!!

fun police
Barked: Mon Nov 13, '06 6:46pm PST 
Hello all I am Wicket. I have been through levels 1 and 2 obedience training and am currently in an agility class. I know come, sit, down, off, heel, stop, wait, shake, roll over, bang, beg, pick one, back up, jump, stay(down stay,sit stay, and stand stay), leave it, catch, fetch, drop it, kiss, and say it. Theres probably some more but thats all i can think of. Moms always looking for new things to teach me though.

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I can dance, I- can dance...oooh- shooes!
Barked: Wed Nov 15, '06 8:14pm PST 
Hi everyone! *sniffs* My name is Freddie and I am 4 months old today! I live at home with my Mommy, my favorite people along with her are my Mimi and Grampie they spoil me and play with me lots and lots, I always dance when I see them. We haven't been to any classes yet but we do go to a puppy playgroup on the weekends, I get a little shy around some dogs though. I can sit, walk on my back feet, shake, switch paws, lie down, very close to roll over and a few other things. smile talk to you all soon!

Less talking and- more throwing.
Barked: Thu Nov 16, '06 4:17am PST 
hi, i'm geordi
i'm a 3 month old schnoodle.
i like learning with the clicker.
so far i do: sit, down, stand, off, come. i'll do drop it sometimes, still workin on that one.
tricks i do are: hi-5, spin, roll over, shake
i like playing fetch, which hand, and chasing
on sunday i start my puppy social club. can't wait.
i'm going to learn fly ball and agility , mum thinks i will really enjoy sports too.
we want to learn more about shaping, i naturally do some cute movements that mum would like to put onto command, but we need some guidance, that would be super : )
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