New Members, please intoduce yourself HERE!!

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Did I hear u say- FOOD?!
Barked: Sun Dec 17, '06 10:25pm PST 
Wowie, you guys sure know lots of tricks! So far as i know, there are no GOOD obediance class my mommy teaches me tricks herself. These are the VERY few tricks I know:Sit, stay, stand, shake hands, cross legs, jump the hula hoop, jump up, hi-5, licking my nose on command(hehe) & come.
I have a little problem with "come" though...mommy can yell till her throat bursts, but i'm too busy to come to her...
Georgie, CGC

Where's the- fun!! Let's- play now!!
Barked: Mon Dec 18, '06 2:55pm PST 
Hi everydoggy!! We are here to learn more tricks. We know the basics like sit, down, shake. We say please and speak. We also can stay in the down position with a treat in front of us until we are released. We are very smart and mommy would like some tips on how to teach us other tricks.

We have been to basic obedience classes and would like to move on to a more advanced class. We are perfecting everything we learned first. We know how to heel but need to do it for longer periods. We also know know to sit at mommy or daddy's side when they raise the leash.

We go to a lot of dog events during the nicer times of the year and they have a lot of trick contests and would love to learn some unique tricks. It would be great fun to show what Min Pins can do!!

Mommy is going to read through the old posts once our Christmas rush is over and start learning!! Thanks for such an awesome group and all the tips!!

Georgie and Jackson

Barked: Mon Dec 18, '06 8:04pm PST 
Hi, my name is Sassee. I don't like to brag but I'm SUPER smart. I know quite a few tricks such as sit, stay, roll over, bow, shake and lay down. I haven't been in any obediance classes because my mom works with me on that stuff.

Inky Dinky- Doodle

Happpy Birfday,- Betsy RAe!!!
Barked: Wed Dec 27, '06 2:13am PST 
Hi, pups. My name is Inky Dinky Doodle but you can call me Inky! I live in a tiny town in rural Mississippi and there are no trainin' facilities anywhere close by. Mom has taught me some tricks but things have slowed down a lot since Buster came to live with us. He didn't know any tricks when he came and Mom doesn't really know how to teach both of us. Anyhoo, I know sit, stay, down, rollover, play dead, wave bye bye, crawl, shake, high five, leave it (with a treat on each paw and I will eat one when Mom says to and leave the other one til she says ok). I will walk on my hind legs, holdin' Mom's hand and I will take a treat from her mouth. I will also give her kisses when she says to. There are lot's more tricks I wanna learn and hope to get busy soon. I'm glad to be a part of this group!
Inky Dinky- Doodle

Happpy Birfday,- Betsy RAe!!!
Barked: Wed Dec 27, '06 2:22am PST 
Oops, I forgot! I also sit pretty or beg! I do this all the just comes naturally for me! I do it when I want food, to go outside, to be held or just to get attention!
NuNu - {Nubert- Nubinsky}

adopt a shelter- dog!!
Barked: Wed Dec 27, '06 3:23am PST 
welcome inky!!!!!

Can I chew on- that?
Barked: Wed Dec 27, '06 9:42am PST 
Buddy is a pretty smart little fella. He knows sit, lay down, shake, jump, down, off, he knows his toys by name, he comes when called, and knows when we are walking if I say, "Buddy get back here" that he needs to slow down to my side, he's 100% kennel trained in the mornings and getting better in the evenings (I find giving him extra extra special treats motivate him at night - whatever works I guess)... he SOMETIMES will drop whatever he's retrieving, usually only when he knows I have the clicker and treats... although he looses interest real quick in playing with me if I have treats.

I'm working a lot with him on sitting and staying put until I call his name. He's been getting better at dropping his toys when he retrieves them and knows that I won't play the game with him if he's racing me to get the toy... which means he has to leave it, which I haven't quit mastered how to teach him that.

I posted this in the "behavior/training forum" and was informed to come here and join and learn. So here we are! I can't wait to start teaching Buddy some new tricks!

Anne's Boy- Danno!
Barked: Wed Dec 27, '06 1:40pm PST 
Hello, my name is Danno, I am 3 years old and was a retirement present for my friend. I always like learning new things. I can sit, play dead, dance, high 5, take a bow, put my toys away---oooo some other things that I can't think of now, but I am always looking for something new, I just love to please. Glad my friend found this place.

Barked: Wed Dec 27, '06 2:00pm PST 
i typed up my introduction... and then accidently clicked my "back" button on the mouse~!! *^_^*


I'll be back to re-write mine a little later~! BoL~!

(Hi Lily~! Thanks for telling me about the group~!)

Curtis CGC,- Onyx

Chewbacca's- Voice Over
Barked: Wed Dec 27, '06 4:59pm PST 
Hello All! I am Curtis... hear me bark!

I have been through a lot of training classes. I have signed up for my first Tricks Class beginning in January.

I compete in Flyball and have been through Agility training.

Some tricks I know (beyond the basic commands):
Sit Pretty/Beg
Up - stand on hind legs and dance, walk, jump, whatever
Dead Dog - roll over on side when shot
Crawl and Commando - one with head up, one with head down
Catch/Fetch - balls are my favorite, but I'll get anything
March - like a Nazi
Weave - between the legs and while walking
Spin - both directions
Jump - over obstacles
Side Swiper - jump from side to side backwards

What I'm currently working on:
Back - in a straight line
Excuse Me - paws on nose

I am also learning about the clicker so that I can perfect some of my tricks and make them a little cleaner and neater.
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