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Barked: Mon Nov 27, '06 2:48pm PST 
Hi im Hank, and these are the tricks i know. Sit, Down, Dance, and Shake. I am a 6 ( almost 7) month old Sports Chocolate Labrador Retriever and i love playing Hide and Go Seek with my owner. I have failed training school because i have ADD( attention deficit disorder) and i always played with the other dogs. Well at least i learned sit and down.BOL! Well i think thats enough information to let all of you know who i am. If not you can go to my page.

Beau Chien,- NPC, PAWS

A doxie with- moxie!
Barked: Tue Nov 28, '06 4:51pm PST 
Great things to mention about would be:
- whether or not you've been to any training classes (if yes, what classes and how many) Nope! BOL!
- how many commands do currently know about 15...
- Any other things that you'd like to talk about Hmmm... this looks like a great group!
♥Beam- er♥

I love my Mom!
Barked: Wed Nov 29, '06 2:21pm PST 
I'm Beamer!

I have gone to obedience classes every week for about 2 years now. I am training at the Open/Utility level. I currently am competing at the novice level for obedience, working on my CD title, and the advanced level for rally, working on my RA title. I already earned the RN in rally and the CGC...which isn't really a title but it is an accomplishment! I know all the obedience and rally commands . Not to many "fun" type commands other than speak and shake...but as someone else mentioned we can fake a few tricks with the more formal commands.

My Mom's name is Jennifer and we live in Pennsylvania! I live with Mom, Dad and two human bothers......I don't have any doggie brothers or sisters.

Nice to meet everyone!!

Woofs and Wags,

Booger- Villarreal

Barked: Thu Nov 30, '06 6:43am PST 
Hi my name is Booger and I'm a trickoholic.....

No seriously... I hail from an itty bitty town called Houston, TX!
It's cool here... We watch football every Sunday and act crazy running in our massive back yard.

Thanks for the invite!

Feeeeeeeeeed me!
Barked: Thu Nov 30, '06 2:38pm PST 
Hi, everyone, I'm Duncan.

I am 16 months old and I suppose the only thing I know that most of you don't is Greek... I can sit, lie down, stay (for a few seconds anyway), find, say woof (the only English command in my repertoire)and ask nicely (sit, then down for "more nicely!"). I'm pretty good with words and understand and respond to several phrases - that's not really a trick, though.

I spent 3 months at a training school to learn basic obedience, but I hated it so much I forgot everything the second I left that horrible place. I respond well only to positive reinforcement training, so I have retained what my Roommie taught me before and after "school."

We have ordered a clicker and are waiting for it to arrive so that we can (re)start training. This time we plan to be more focused and systematic. Wish me luck!
Penny - R.I.P.

Small, Dark and- Hansome!
Barked: Mon Dec 4, '06 8:44am PST 
Hi! I'm Penny!!
I'm 5 years old, I've never been to any training classes, but I do know the commands come, go to bed, go to the doghouse, stop, give mommy a kiss.
I used to have a best friend whom I used to play and hang out with, but he died this year, he was 4 years old.
And well thats all for now!
Snickers - At the- bridge

The wonder dog!
Barked: Wed Dec 13, '06 9:35pm PST 
Hey All!
I'm Snickers and I'm a 5 year old rottie/ridgeback mix. I am currently seeing my great trainer (Michelle) for basic obedience.
So far I have learned sit, down, stay, come, and we are coming right along!
I hope to learn some new tricks from all of you cool pups!

I love toe crud- LOL
Barked: Thu Dec 14, '06 3:34pm PST 
Woof my names Snow
I know:
Got to go to the bathroom or potty
Gimme Paw
Off or get down
Give it ( let go)

No puppy classes

Huntin King - Swimmin master
Barked: Thu Dec 14, '06 4:10pm PST 
Snowflake you are cute!
Gunner (In- Loving- Memory)

Belly-Rub-A-Dub-- Dub!!!
Barked: Fri Dec 15, '06 2:04am PST 
Hi everyone! Gunner here. :3

sad to say, i haven't been to any training classes, and neither has my little bud Milo. courses offered here are few and rather expensive, if you really want quality ones.

although i haven't been to class, i'm a fast learner. i listen really well, specially if i can sniff those yummy chicken snacks my mum bakes just for me! sometimes, i work with just the vocal commands, other times just hand signals, and sometimes both. i can do sit, stay, come, shake, off, in, out, go to your room, go home, speak, and i semi-roll over. but that's just for a belly rub. Milo only knows sit, off, come, and speak. he's a tough cookie to train.

i don't really know any fancy tricks, i just woof a yes when mum asks me stuff like, "would you like more water?" "do you want to go for a walk?" "want this cookie?" and other questions i can understand. sometimes though, she talks so fast that i don't pick up, so i just cock my head to the side and stare. luckily, she gets the message and repeats it for me, slower than the first time.

cheers and christmas toodles to all the smart pups out there! hope we all get yummy chicken snacks, and not lumps of coal!

Gunner :3
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