New Members, please intoduce yourself HERE!!

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Barked: Sat Nov 11, '06 9:31pm PST 
Dear NEW Member,

Please put a short info about you here so that we can all know more about each other smile

Great things to mention about would be:

- whether or not you've been to any training classes (if yes, what classes and how many)
- how many commands do currently know
- Any other things that you'd like to talk about

Thanks again for joining us!! Hope that you will have fun here!

Buddy ☮

Ducks Are My- Nemeses
Barked: Sat Nov 11, '06 10:17pm PST 
my name is Buddy. (hellooo buddy) BOL! couldnt resist
I went to level one puppy classes.
I know sit, down, play dead, roll over, shake a paw, other paw, high five, be pretty, stand, finish and heel. oh and come.

I cant remember the other question but Im Ready to learn!!!

I came. I saw.- I conquered!
Barked: Sat Nov 11, '06 10:37pm PST 
I'm here! I'm here! hehe

I'm Gibbon or you can call me Gibby

I went to basic obedience and I learn tricks at home.

I know the basics - sit, stay, down, come, heel (not very well - bol). I also can sit or go down by hand signals only.

Others I know - Going to my spot, bed (crate), pillow (other bed), off (the couch), leave it, give, drop it (very important in an urban city!), spin clockwise and counterclockwise, hop (across a room), dance (hop in one place), hug (Mom's favorite)

What I would like to talk about is how to have a good heel - Mom has tried everything! I also would love to learn some more fun tricks!


Barked: Sat Nov 11, '06 11:18pm PST 
Woof! Woof!! I almost forgot to introduce myself!!

Hello everyone, I'm Mini! (lots of humans thought that I'm Minnie and think that I'm a girl). I know a total of more than 50 Commands. I can do some commands with only voice cues, some with only hand signals.

For Obedience Classes, I went to a Puppy Class, an Intermediate Class and an Advance Class. My mom teaches me tricks at home.

For the basics, I know how to: sit, down, stand, stay, wait, leave it, heel.

For tricks, I know how to: shake/ other paw, give me 5/ high 10, spin, roll over, "show me your belly", wave bye bye, head down, dance on my hind legs in different directions, hug, kiss, speak, cross my front paws, sit pretty, play dead, figure 8, backward Figure 8, weave leg, backward weave leg, tidy my toys, dancing backwards on my hind legs around mommy.

I put "all" of the commands I know on my profile so feel free to check it out if you are interested smile

Gibbon, I have problems with my heel too! The "proper" heel is to have eye contact w/ the handler while walking right next to the him/her. I have no problem walking next to my mom and sit next to her when she stops. However, I don't keep constant eye contact with her. I heard from that trainer that learning heeling with a targeting stick is a good idea~ What is your main problem with your heel?

I'm the- Prince of- Fluffyness!
Barked: Sat Nov 11, '06 11:49pm PST 
Hi my fellow "Tricksters"! BOL

My name is Chester and I'm a five-year-old Havanese living in Germany. I love learning tricks and commands because it keeps me busy mentally and I think that's just as important as physical exercise. smile

I've been to three training classes: beginners, advanced and a "sporting" class where we did all kinds of fun games. However, mom and I didn't really like the competitiveness that was going on there (like "well, MY dog is half a second faster than YOURS. " *rolls eyes*) so we quit. I also started a "dog dancing" class once (don't know if it's called the same in the US - it's where you do some kind of choreography with your human - BOL) but we had too few members so the class was cancelled. frown

Here are the commands I know: sit, down, stay, heel (without the eye contact), come, stand, wait, leave it, roll over, spin (both directions), weave, figure eight, say please/beg, wave, give five (right paw), give paw (left paw), tap foot, jump through arms, look here (=make eye contact with mom), get your ... (insert toy), stand on two legs, turn and something we call "winke winke" where I'm on mom's arms and kind of wave with both front paws. People just love that one. =) Most of the tricks I learned at home.

Some of these I can also do by hand signals, especially the basics. Mom thought it was a good idea in case my hearing deteriorates when I get older. BOL.

So, what else do I have to say? Hmmnn. Well, I'm very glad that Mini started this group and I look forward to exchanging ideas and barking to all of you soon!! smile

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Ocean- (2002-2009)

Barked: Sun Nov 12, '06 3:32am PST 
Whooaaa, you pups are S.M.A.R.T!!!

There are no training classes here. The only ones are training facilities where you stay there for 3 months for a guarantee of 12 basic commands.

Mom taught me sit, shake hand, gimme 5, lay down, come, stay, heel, stay close, leave it and fetch. She thinks its not too bad considering she taught me herself and she is busy with school plus she has to train other doggies.


for Rio - CYSTS BE GONE!!
Barked: Sun Nov 12, '06 4:21am PST 
I'm Vincent - we use a NILIF lifestyle and clicker training.

I'm trained in obedience, tracking and Rally obedience and know all the commands.

I only have two tricks though (we can fake a bunch with my formal commands though!) One is shake, the other is shaking my head for "no" if anyone asks if I know tricks!
Rosie- *FOUND* m
Barked: Sun Nov 12, '06 4:25am PST 
I'm Vincent's sister , Rosie. He forgot to mention that both of us have gone to at least one class every week since we were 8 weeks old.

I started with obedience and did graduate the advanced classes looking good. But it's not really my thing - Vincent likes all the focusing and is happy doing it. I'm more energetic! So we just finished my first set of agility classes! We'll be starting them over in two weeks - Mum and I did learn some things, but we spent too much time laughing to get very good at anything! It's OK, we want to enjoy training and we're doing this with a fun group, so no one minds when we mess up - again!

This time we're trying with the clicker - we gave up after the first week because mum's timing was horrendous! She's more used to the fast pace now so maybe I'll do better!

I'm the- Prince of- Fluffyness!
Barked: Sun Nov 12, '06 8:25am PST 
Vincent, the shaking no trick sounds great! I can imagine people having a blast when they ask if you know any tricks and you shake your head. BOL. Too cute!
♥Rudy- ♥

Rudy the cutie
Barked: Sun Nov 12, '06 9:13am PST 
Hi I am Rudy. I am four months old. I haven't been to any obedience classes yet. I am a quick learner. I know how to sit, give kisses, up(on hind legs), and "leave it". I am the first schnauzer my mommy and daddy have had. They are currently looking for a little girl schnauzer too...I am very excited! I look forward to learning some new tricks so I can show my friends.

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