Breed Groups and Rescues Respond to AKC sponsoring PetLand Puppymill Puppies

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Barked: Mon Sep 25, '06 10:23pm PST 
For those who may not be aware of it, the American Kennel Club (the “AKC”) has entered into a contract with Petland to facilitate the AKC registration of the puppies Petland sells. Petland, unlike Petco or PETsMART, sells puppies that it obtains from The Hunte Corporation, a licensed distributor of pure-bred puppies to pet stores. The Hunte Corporation obtains puppies from a wide array of places, many of which are considered “high volume breeders” – the new “buzz phrase” for puppy mill.

If you feel as we do that establishing a business relationship with a company that obtains puppies from a “high volume breeder” is detrimental to all dog breeds and promotes puppy mills, please join us in signing a petition and letting the AKC know your position.

Following is the link for the on-line petition:

Thanks for taking the time to address this very important issue.

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Barked: Sat Sep 30, '06 9:43am PST 
AKC has reconsidered. We got word that at the last delegates meeting it was decided to not to go forward with the plan. Thanks to all those who contacted the AKC and told them to stick it!