Sweaters designed by Mom

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Barked: Wed Sep 6, '06 8:28am PST 
Mom is thinking about making doggie crochet patterns and trying to get a book published. Tell us what you think of my crocheted sweater designs so Mom can have some help deciding whether designing crochet patterns is for her. There are a few on my photo pages.

Barked: Thu Sep 7, '06 4:20am PST 
I love all your sweaters that are on your main page...especially the "frilly" ones! Wish my mommy could crochet. Does your mommy make them for other doggies, or just for you?
Tia 2005-2007

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Barked: Fri Sep 8, '06 2:37pm PST 
Oh Nina, all of your sweaters are just beautiful, your mom is very talented! My mom can't even sew a button on right BOL!


Nina- ♥

Can you shake it- like me?
Barked: Wed Sep 13, '06 8:40pm PST 
Karma Sweetie- Thanks for the compliments. Mom has only crocheted sweaters to fit dogs in our family, but she usually tries them on us and takes a photo and that's all we wear them. Mom has sold some of them on ebay. If you look at my whippet siblings, you can see some sporty sweaters that she made to fit them. She sold them on ebay. She wishes she had written the pattern down for them, because we've had lots of requests for them. She usually just makes them without a pattern, so they are one of a kind. She wants to make a book for many different dog patterns, so if we do, we'll probably ask for model volunteers and make them a sweater that is for their specific size.
Nina- ♥

Can you shake it- like me?
Barked: Wed Sep 13, '06 8:46pm PST 
Thanks for your compliment, Tia. Mom also wants to make a book just for chis. Mom's not much on sewing either but has a machine and gives it a whirl every once in a whilewink If we pursue the book idea for chis, it's probably going to include some jewelry, too. Maybe you can model for us!