Favorite Parks and/or trails in CNY

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We hope to be a place to share your "doggie" information with others of like minds.

Please feel free to post about your favorite Central NY Parks or trails, the location and why you like them so much.

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There are miles of nature trails here in Cayuga county, and they are not very busy places in general. We have taken our *kids* out to the one that begins off rt 370 in Cato, and walked for miles- they LOVE it. That particular stretch of trail goes for 14 miles, ending in the middle of the village of Fair Haven, though we have never walked the full length of it. Maybe we can have a meet-up sometime this fall where a bunch of us can go enjoy the trail and each other?

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Other sections of this same trail can be found...
In the village of Weedsport, off rt 34, right next to Arby's parking lot.

Off Columbus street/Dunning Ave in Auburn.

We have not tried either of these two sections, but they are used in the winter by snowmobile clubs, and used the rest of the year by bicyclists, hikers, preschool classes, etc. Not too busy for the most part, though dogs do have to be leashed.

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My favorite walk is on the Erie Canal trail in Rome. I don't like crowds and for the most part it is a nice quiet trail.

The Rome shelter will be having the pet walk there soon. My sister Kira will be going on that walk. (too many people for me).

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I will have to ask Mom to see how far away Rome is for us. I think the trails I mentioned are part of the Erie canal trails too, but they are closer to us.