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Barked: Thu Aug 24, '06 10:47am PST 
I was just told that a family has moved and left their 2 Huskies behind. A neighbor took them in but can't keep them. They are both adults and friendly. Does anyone know of rescue group that will take these dogs. If they go to the shelter here they will only have a few days before they are euthanized. I would like to get them rescued then turn in the owners for abandoning them. Can someone help me?
Rosie- Moondog

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Barked: Sun Aug 27, '06 6:28am PST 
Here's the URL of a Southern California Husky Rescue group.
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Save a Life &- Rescue
Barked: Mon Aug 28, '06 12:48pm PST 
Thanks for the tip. I should have checked my post earlier to let everyone know this situation has been taken care of. The pups are in a new place now. Yeah! No animal should ever be left behind to fend for it's own.

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Barked: Mon Aug 28, '06 2:08pm PST 
Great news! Glad everything turned out okay!
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Barked: Tue Aug 29, '06 11:21am PST 
That's wonderful news!

Woo! Woo!
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Barked: Wed Aug 30, '06 10:26pm PST 
That is wonderful Sassy. I would still turn them in.