Scout's honor!
Barked: Wed Aug 23, '06 9:25pm PST 
Any good brands (especially on websites) for male dogs? There are so many cute girl clothes, but it is hard to find good clothes for boys.

We really like Gooby. Is there anything else like this - stylish and without too many cutesy slogans on the clothes?

Fashion- my- Passion
Barked: Thu Aug 24, '06 10:38am PST 
My mom makes custom dog clothes and she specializes in boy clothes for me. If you'd like someting let me know.
Welcome to the fashion club!!!!

Scout's honor!
Barked: Tue Aug 29, '06 12:18am PST 
Tama's mom,

That is so nice of you! Our mom did not have anything specific in mind. Do you have any suggestions for cute doggie menswear? We like shirts. Do you have a webpage?