Hello Kitty for dogs


Where's my halo?
Barked: Wed Jul 5, '06 7:54pm PST 
I love kitty-cats so naturally Mommy ordered me a hello kitty sweat shirt. Do you think a kitty shirt on a pup is silly?

A Birthday Boo
Barked: Thu Jul 6, '06 8:16am PST 
No, I don't. Hello Kitty is fabulous. Although I like some of the other characters too, like Pochacco and Batz Maru.
Little Miss- Maddi

We're in Modern- Dog! Pages 56,- 57 & 80!
Barked: Mon Jul 31, '06 1:54pm PST 
nope....mommy has some super-cute Hello Kitty flannel to make dresses out of! We love it!!!

I also have a dress with elephants, ponies, and bunnies....and another with froggies!

♥Moll- y

Little Miss- Molly of Mine
Barked: Tue Aug 1, '06 5:43pm PST 
we just saw some doggie bows in all different sizes at our favorite pet boutique yesterday! we think "hello kitty" IS pupalicious!!
xoxo, molly and gracie
Princess Mia- Ruby- Thermopolis

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Barked: Thu Aug 17, '06 7:53pm PST 
ooooo we love Hello Kitty in this house!