Happy 4th!!

Corbyn- Dallas

Gimme your sock!
Barked: Fri Jun 30, '06 5:34pm PST 
Just curious about how your shelties handle the 4th (or the 3rd and/or the 2nd, as it is here in Lake County, IL)
This will be Corbyn's first 4th of July, and I think she's heard fireworks before (village fests 'n' stuff) but nothing like July fireworks which seem to be continuous here in Northern IL.....my neighbors are pretty obnoxious with the small-scale fireworks, which are actually illegal here in IL...
Just wondering if there is anything I can prepared Corbyn for this weekend, she doesn't mind severe thunderstorms and loud noises, but this will be a first 4th celebration for her.
Thanks, and a Happy long weekend!