POLL: Which ADULT dog food do you prefer? Why?

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Barked: Tue Jun 6, '06 4:59pm PST 


My BAM-BAM will no longer be a puppy in 2 months. I need to start looking for an ADULT dog food for him, one that WON'T cause him to have allergies.

He is on Nutro Ultra Puppy food now, but I am NOT pleased with some of the ingredients in it...

Thanks for your input!
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Barked: Thu Jun 8, '06 5:59am PST 
Our three dogs all eat Purina One. No allergies, but our boy Samson has digestive problems and Purina One has yogurt and other ingredients that have made such a difference in him and they all love it...it's a free for all when the kibble is poured! Good luck.

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Barked: Thu Jun 8, '06 9:38am PST 
I eat authority which really is not bad bit not the best either. Mum won't switch me to another brand though because she wants to start feeding me a raw diet soon, and one transition is enough.
canidae is really good though.


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Barked: Sat Jun 10, '06 4:14pm PST 
My vet said when Cujo turns a year to start him on Eukanuba Adult or science diet adult. Right now he eats Eukanuba puppy and I plan to just migrate into their adult food. He has a weak stomach so I stick with what he is used to! He also has allergies like your dog.

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Barked: Fri Jul 7, '06 8:51am PST 
I hope this doesn't soundxd over the top to you- but-
I feed my dogs Nature's Variety Kibble (they love the venison) , Nature's variety raw meat diet and they also get a little spoonful of Chicken soup for the dog's soul canned every day. Now, the food might seem pricey but #1- they are little dogs and it lasts a long time #2 feeding good food and having a healthy dog cuts back on the vet bills. 3# Nebraska is one of the worst places in the country for allergies- both human and dog.
My oldest dog, Blossom(recently deceased, age 13) had TERRIBLE allergies. She was allergic to everything. I fed her iVet food, which helped, she was on shots, steroids, and I had to bathe her and put lotion on her 3X's a week. She was a good dog though. Had I known about Nature's Variety I would have switched her to it.
I think there are a lot of preventative measures you can take before the allergies get out of hand, and diet is definitely one of them. Boo and Atticus love this food-Here is the website if you are interested. http://www.naturesvariety.com/
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Barked: Mon Jul 10, '06 1:13pm PST 
My dogs eat Wellness. Bugsy has epilepsy and corn triggers it. Wellness is a great food without allergens like wheat, corn, dairy or soy and artificial colors, flavorings and chemical preservatives.

Barked: Tue Aug 29, '06 9:16am PST 
We all eat California Naturals Herring and Sweet Potato because my big sister, Daisy, has food allergies. She is allergic to chicken, beef, and corn.

This food is extremely basic and does not have byproducts or grain fillers (wheat and corn).

Daisy and the rest of us have been doing wonderfully on it!

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Barked: Wed Aug 30, '06 10:59am PST 
Chloé has irritable bowel syndrom and so the vet prescribed Royal Canin. It has very few ingrediants, so it is easy on her stomach. They have a website, www.royalcanin.us, where you can read about it. They have different foods for several different breeds. I hope this helps!

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Barked: Sat Sep 2, '06 2:23pm PST 
Romeo and I eat Dick Van Patton's Natural Balance kibbles that has fresh chicken, brown rice, fresh duck, lamb meal, oatmeal, pearled barley, fresh potatoes, fresh carrots and flaxseeds. Wow, I didn't know it had all those goodies. We eat it dry or soaked with warm water. Daddy gives us cooked carrots and peas, too. We used to eat
Chicken Soup for doggies but we got tired of it . . . . Mom came back from a trip and got real upset 'cause Dad was feeding us something with beef. She doesn't want us to eat beef.
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Barked: Mon Nov 27, '06 10:34pm PST 
Like Boo and Atticus, I also eat Nature's Variety raw chicken and turkey. I have about 6 - 7 raw one-ounce nuggets at night and I LOVE it!!
In the morning, I get about a 3/4 cup of Natural Balance fish and sweet potato kibble. I never used to eat kibble, until mom got me this variety. I wolf it down in record time!
Both Nature's Variety and Natural Balance are more expensive than most dog foods, but the ingredients in these products is superior. Plus, with my allergies, I can't have anything that has corn or wheat in it. Since switching to these foods, my allergies have improved, my coat is shinier, I'm more energetic and I've lost a few unwanted pounds!
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