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Barked: Sat May 6, '06 6:23am PST 
Hi all, I just wanted to post to let you all know that we have a new husky/sleddog rescue that we are running on our property.... We decided to start it up because there are so many huskies in this area that are sooo neglected....and many are in rough shape. Recently, in a local town, 25 siberian huskies were confiscated from one property...looked like they were group breeding for money...but there were puppies in the dirt under porches, dogs cramped up inside pens with no water, and many of them were wild and mean. Most of the dogs have all found new homes and many have gone on to become sled dogs, but there are two young pups left at the shelter who may never get to go home...they are wild, too old to really tame down, scared of people and are aggressive...beyond too much help just because of the amount of cruel neglect in their lives....and on top of that...sleddogs are always in need of rescue...particularly from Alaska...sledding is always a big fad in some areas, and people desire to get into it for fun, so they spend lots of money to get a sled, get a team of dogs, and their equipment, try it out and as soon as it gets old, they loose their interest in the sport...and when the sport is no longer interesting, the dogs are seen as used equipment and either destroyed or sent to a pound, where eventually destroyed anyway...our goal is to help these dogs, work with them to help them become family dogs OR continue their sledding careers...We are in the process of putting up fences and shelters, raising money for the keep of the dogs and their training (thankfully I do obedience training myself)....But I wanted to raise the awareness of this need....even big time sledders who are famous, will kill off dogs when not needed....they have big yards of hundreds of dogs they breed and any of poor stock just get shot and's very if so many people can get together and make a tremendous difference to help save ex-racing greyhounds...I know people can make such a difference to save ex-racing huskies too. Thanks, can contact me with the rescue at and request a flyer and more information....and yes, we do need donations, but are not urging them at this time. Thank you so much!!
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Wow, that's a great thing your family is doing. I never realized that this was such a big problem. If you have a website we'd be glad to post the link on our page.

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A lot of people don't realize it, because sledding isn't something most people hear about on a day to day basis...the Iditarod is the most people know of any of it. (and all they would talk about anyway is how great the race is...) ...and it's not just huskies that sled...there are lots of mixed breed dogs that are used for pulling too, and they are in just as much need for help as the huskies.....(please note, I am not saying anything against the mushers...MOST mushers take exceptional care of their dogs...I mush too.. but there are also many cases out there of deserted dogs because of a lack of interest...)

We are desperately trying to get our website up...we keep running into holes and problems with it (I''m not too good at this stuff)...the address is the rescue isn't added to it yet's a big mess right now, rather confusing to say...

But I do have another website that is built and I'm considering putting the rescue on it, so I will put that up when I have it ready too... thanks a lot


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hi nuka,

bravo to your owners! i really admire your efforts. what kind of progress are you having with the rescue? any new news?