Why so Quiet??

Tofu (In- Heaven)

Born to- Pleeeaaassee!!!!
Barked: Mon May 1, '06 1:15pm PST 
Hmmm...I just realized that there are over 50 members for this group but yet there's no interaction. Well, I think that everyone should post a funny picture of their shelties just to make it fun.
Corbyn- Dallas

Gimme your sock!
Barked: Fri Jun 9, '06 7:20pm PST 
I just joined tonight, I realized that I've had Corbyn for over 10 months and I know not a single other sheltie person.

I hate garbage- bags!!
Barked: Tue Jun 13, '06 9:35pm PST 
My name is Niko and I just also joined the group and was just wondering the same thing. Hope that we can interact more soon. I'd like to know what the group does for fun too. smile