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Little Miss- Maddi

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Barked: Mon Jul 31, '06 1:58pm PST 
How do you like to dress? I like to wear the harness dresses from my clothing line.

What's your favorite color? I like pink, but I also have a baby blue with pink roses "shabby chic" type dress that everyone is crazy about.

Do you prefer shirts or sweaters or dresses? dresses, for sure!

What do we need if we want to dress like you? Little Miss Maddi dresses

I am a blonde!
Barked: Sat Sep 2, '06 2:14pm PST 
I love wearing TuTu's the best of all my dresses. Mom makes them for me for all the holidays. I also like my double ruffle dress with the net underskirt. Pink is my favorite color and my Mom thinks hot pink and black are my best colors! I have a sweater with my initial and my pal Romeo has a matching one with his initial. I think I may have outgrown mine, tho. Sigh, I'll just have to shop for a new one!!!!
Tia 2005-2007

Hugs From Above
Barked: Sun Sep 3, '06 8:58am PST 
My very favorite color is pink but I'm starting to like red a lot too. I prefer to wear a Harness Vest or a Tee-Shirt but I do wear dresses on rare occasions. I mainly only wear clothes when my mommy wants to take cute pictures of me but winter will soon be here and I probably will be wearing some warm Tank Tops around the house and of course I'll wear a coat when mommy takes me places with her.

♣ Rico ♣

Bambi's Boy Toy
Barked: Sun Sep 3, '06 9:17am PST 
I don't have many clothes yet because up until now I was so small that my mommy couldn't find anything to fit me. My "Bikers Outfit" came off of a tiny stuffed bear and I have a cute red crop-top sweater and a Cowboy Hat & Scarf that we also got off of stuffed animals BOL! I really don't know what I prefer to wear yet but everyone says that my best color is "royal blue". I like to run around naked best but I let mommy put clothes on me to take my pictures, anything to make my mommy happy : )
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