Greyhound Grin?

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The Cuddly- Hellhound
Barked: Fri Jul 20, '12 4:49pm PST 
I recently adopted a dog from a shelter, and she is very clearly a large part greyhound (or at least a very similar sighthound). She has the markings and face of a catahoula leopard dog, but the legs, neck, tail, back EVERYTHING of a greyhound.

Anyhow, my query is this:

When we first got her (she was a rescue dog from a hoarder, very skiddish, very low hopes for this dog), she would do this thing where she would curl her lips up in a 'smile', usually while sneezing, ALWAYS while going nuts with her tail.

The shelter had seen her do this too, and had thought she was smiling until a volunteer said that was a nervous tick. That's what I thought too, until I looked closer.

She NEVER does it when scared, it's almost always when we're playing with her, singing at her or coming home after being gone for a while.

I've heard that some greyhounds 'grin', but I can't find much info or pics of it. Is that true?

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Barked: Wed Sep 5, '12 4:04pm PST 
Greyhounds to "Grin." It's just as you described -- they pull back their lips and show their teeth. Sometimes this is in the morning as they lean over you to wake you up. This can be a little disconcerting, since it can be mistaken for a snarl. But it is a Happy Thing for them.