Retired racers and separation anxiety?

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Barked: Sun Apr 4, '10 10:54am PST 
I've been researching the possibility of a retired racing Greyhound for my first dog, and everything was looking perfect so far-- until I found all kinds of stuff online about how they're prone to separation anxiety (moreso than other dogs?) due to having always had handlers and other Greyhounds around them for their whole lives.

So my question is: how concerned should I be about SA in retired racers? Is this a major and prevalent problem, or does it only affect a few dogs here and there? Can a retired racer be an only pet? The rescue in my area fosters the dogs before adopting them out to permanent homes; does this help decrease the SA risk at all?

Basically: if I'm worried about SA, should I steer clear of retired racers, or not?

Barked: Thu Jun 16, '11 6:10pm PST 
I just adopted a retired racer and he does show some signs of separation anxiety. He follows me from room to room and wants to go with me whenever I leave the house. I understand that this behavior can be curbed by degrees. I was told to leave the house for 10 minutes and then return. The next time make it 15 minutes. Eventually, the dog will come to realize you will always come back. I am going to begin testing this tomorrow. I will let you know what happens.

Barked: Sat May 31, '14 7:13pm PST 
I know this is late, but my grey has never, ever shown any signs of separation anxiety in the 5 years that I have had her. I do also have a large kennel that I put her in at night and when gone, and that is her bed and her space. She will go in there during the day to take a nap or if there are too many people in the house.