Thinking of getting a greyhound...

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Monty - My Angel- June'09

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Barked: Fri May 15, '09 1:43pm PST 
Hey all!

I am thinking of getting a greyhound smile I work at a vet clinic and have seen a couple adult greyhounds come in recently and I have fallen in love. They seem like GREAT dogs and perfect for my lifestyle.

I do have a question which I am not sure is a stupid question, but here it goes...
Greyhound vs. Italian greyhound?....difference?

Please tell me the good, bad and AMAZINGness of the greyhound breed so I can better know if these guys are the breed for me

Thanks in advance!
JJ"S Stinger

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Barked: Wed Aug 5, '09 6:42pm PST 
Greyhounds are great pets if you a big dog. They are so loyal . And loving animals.

As for the italian greyhounds they are the same way just are smaller.

I think it is easier to adopt a greyhound than it is to find/adopt a italian greyhound. But that is just me. It depends on where you live.

Good luck and let me know if you do get one. I can answer any questios you may have.

PawTrotter - iPhone app for- pet owners
Barked: Mon Jan 25, '10 2:07pm PST 
Also keep in mind that the female greys are much smaller both in weight and stature than the males. My female greyhound is just slightly larger than a whippit but she is much smaller than a full size male greyhound.

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