Best dog ramps or stairs for aging golden trying to jump onto bed

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Barked: Thu Oct 4, '12 6:33pm PST 
Hello. We have never been fortunate enough to have a golden that lived this long, but our dog is now 12- still happy and healthy, but now having difficulty jumping on our bed- which is a pure delight for us and for her.
Has anyone had experience with buying a dog ramp or doggie steps to help a 65 lb dog safely get up on the bed? There are so many, many models out there, made from all kinds of materials. We just don't know what is the safest for our beloved aging princess.
Any ideas would be most greatly appreciated

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Barked: Thu Jan 17, '13 1:12pm PST 
I have a 10 year old Golden with the same problem. Al of the commercial stairs seem to be for little dogs. I've been thinking we'd have to build something portable from scratch or perhaps get some hard foam. I'd be interested in finding out if you have found anything since you originally posted this.


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Barked: Thu Mar 14, '13 10:07am PST 
These carpeted dog stairs work perfectly for my 65lb Golden and can collapse and fit under the bed too Petsnap.com/wooden-pet-steps-deluxe.