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New Golden Retriever on the Board

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Where's the- water?
Barked: Sat Apr 4, '09 1:41pm PST 
I just stopped by to introduce myself! I am Dover, also known as daddy's baby! I live with my dad and mom, their daughter, and her dog, Blue, a Siberian Husky who likes to bite my ears! (She's just jealous because she doesn't have any!) My favorite things to do are play with my toys, chase squirrels and birds, bark at just about anything, but especially cats, and walk with my dad. Of course, he is too slow for me so I have to drag him along behind me most of the time!dog My mom thinks I am the greatest dog that ever lived, and my dad thinks I need to be introduced to Caesar Milan! My favorite treats are chicken jerky treats. My mom calls me her 'little golden boy'! My dad calls me 'trouble'! happy dance
Bye for now!

Jaydee girl
Barked: Wed Apr 8, '09 11:07am PST 
Welcome Dover thats funny my mom calls my her little golden girl! We goldens are so much fun! You are right why are humans so slow when they take us for walks? My mom bought this new thing she puts around my nose it sure makes me walk slower mom thinks her arms are going to be dragging on the ground they way i walk(drag) her laugh out loud Again welcomehamster dance
Goldiva's- Tangled Up- In Blue

Tally-true best- friend
Barked: Mon Apr 27, '09 6:02am PST 
Hi there Dover, You sound like a very well-loved goldie!