Mom wants A Golden.

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Clifford- 1996-2008

Clifford the Big- Red dog.
Barked: Mon Jan 5, '09 12:44pm PST 
Hi, just to introduce myself. I'm Abbi, I use to own Clifford, he was a Chespeake Bay Retriever mixed with a lab. Well we had to put Clifford to sleep last Valentine's because his hips gave out and he couldn't walk anymore, we waited a day and actually two since we got snowed in, to see if it get better because some of the damage looked neurological, since he was leaning to one side, but it was multiple things that made his hindquarters go. We will always love him, but I know Mom has always wanted a Golden ever since the Newfoundlands left. We use to have two, and I know my parents were good for them when they were young but now my parents are in their 60's and even though I know they can walk 30-45 mins a day, the thing is I know thats not in there normal lifestyle even with a dog. I've been trying to persuade them to adopt a smaller dog, that isn't so energetic. I know she has her heart set on one but as intelligent and as beautiful the goldens are even with me here I don't think they will get the exercise they need. She likes some from a rescue and their age is usually 4-6 we don't want them too old since we have stairs in the house and on the deck. Another thing Mom wants a smart dog, not too smart and one good with kids. I asked about maybe something like a miniature poodle since dad and mom said they don't care for shedding. Mom also thinks Goldens are smaller than Clifford and he was 70lb not much over that she also wants a male dog. We don't live with grandkids close by infact we see them seasonally, spring, fall, summer and winter. We see them every couple months. My sister does have some rowdy twins, they are active, though they didn't jump on or try to ride Clifford ,which we wouldn't have allowed. We have grand kids all the way from a baby to 16 years old.

Well I really want to know is how am I going to get mom to understand its not that I'm trying to dismiss her age but its her lifestyle that doesn't fit. Because I have mentioned to her what if the dog goes down like Clifford did. Clifford probably didn't get enough exercise when he was young, so I don't want that to happen again I was too young then to realize it then but now I feel guilty.