Barking Golden?

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I like new pals!
Barked: Sun Nov 23, '08 8:47am PST 
Logan doesn't bark much. Only at passers by real quick. That's about it though.

Proud to be- lazy!!!
Barked: Wed Nov 26, '08 10:01pm PST 
Bernice doesn't bark for hardly anything! I don't think she's barked 20 times in her life! She barks ONLY when there’s an intruder in "her" backyard, she's actually quite protective for a Golden.
When she does bark though, she sounds like a big Blood Hound!

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Why would I- 'stay' when I- could play!!!
Barked: Sat Jan 17, '09 3:43pm PST 
I bark at the mail man (we have a mail slot by the door where I lay waiting for my mommy to come home and everyday this guy comes up to *my* porch and throws mail at me!!) and when I'm outside in the backyard. I want to let everyone know I'm out there in case anyone wants to play. dog

But I don't have to bark when Mommy's ignoring me, I just squeak my elephant toy over and over again right next to her until she gets the point. She tries hiding it from me if she's working on something but I always sniff it out.


Play! PLAY!- Play! Let's go- PLAY!!!
Barked: Mon Feb 23, '09 7:59pm PST 
Duke barks anytime he isn't near someone. I just doggy sat him this weekend and he was so quiet indoors, quiet at the doggy park, but put him outside to potty and goodness does he bark!
Dr. Watson

Not a wiener- dawg!
Barked: Fri Feb 27, '09 1:01pm PST 
Well, pups, I am just a barkin' fool! dog
I'm like Sierra & Duke -- if it's there, I'll bark at it, & if it's not there, I'll bark at it anyway! smile
Dad lets me out at night & I run outside and bark at ghost dogs! Also, all the dogs on my hill bark back & forth to me about what they had for dinner, what they did today, etc. Mommy calls this bark-nar!laugh out loud
Don't worry, we live out in the woods & the neighbors aren't close & they are cool with it. I have to bark to protect my sheep from those scary ghost dogs! shh
I bark at friends, I bark at strangers (I don't bark at my sheep unless they get loose!) of 2 & 4 legged varieties, I bark at the echo of my own bark! BMTO!
I have all different barks. I have the play bark. I have the 'Daddy, get up off the couch & pay attenetion to me bark.' I, too, have the 'toy is stuck under the furniture' bark. Oh, of course I have to bark in the car if I see something interesting or if I hafta to find that dog barkin' on TV.
I also make little piggy grunts of joy when I get petted under my chin or when I get a new bonie bone! red face
Mom says all her Goldens (I'm her 3rd) have been barkalicious. Even her brother's Golden, Champie, is barky. Maybe because they are Southern Goldens? confused
She couldn't figure out why my predecessor, Mr. Holmes, was barking one day for 30 minutes. Turned out, someone/something had moved a stick in the yard! Horrors!big laugh
Bacodi's- Golden Rum- "Codi"

Baroo? *Head- tilt*
Barked: Wed Mar 25, '09 11:44pm PST 
Codi barks.. She barks when someone's outside she barks when someone has a dog 3 miles away she barks at bags, leaves, paper, her brother, food.. She barks at nothing. She is not quiet lol.

Anything worth- it is not free
Barked: Mon May 11, '09 9:43pm PST 
Laura is a talker, boy can she talk! She can make a Beagle on a hunt sound like a mute. laugh out loud Barks at strangers mostly, very good guard dog which really surprised me. She barks for food, groans if I forget to pet her. She can also bark on command. My other golden Patriot is a mute, will not bark for anything.

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Riley RIP

Miss Riley- Classy and- Fabulous
Barked: Tue May 12, '09 8:16am PST 
Hi everyone!blue dog I'm Riley. I thought I would add to this discussion with a few barks of my own. Right now mom thinks I might have some confidence issues, which is rare for my breed. Anytime I hear a noise I immediately start to growl and then out comes this deep bark. Mom tells me when it's enough and she tries to calm me, but I continue with this routine. I even bark if I see someone outside, even at the people I know as my family. AND while growling, I will look for the nearest toy and quick grab it to protect it and then snuggle up next to mom.

Also, I'm trying to adjust to walking in a new surrounding. It's a beautiful park with a big lake that I like to pounce around in. Although, mom can't figure out why I have to growl at every dog I see there (and there are lots). I will stare them down from the time I catch sight to the when I can make sure they are out of sight. Mom thinks I just want to play and see them, but the other owners of the dogs don't want anything to do with my nonsense. I think the Mohawk that I get down my back makes them nervous. I really am just a nice girl that wants to play.

Barked: Sun May 24, '09 6:04pm PST 
Hi there! Summer barks only for some specific reason -- when she hears somebody at the door for instance. She also squeals a lot, when her favorite friends or family visit. But it is very rare indeed that she barks without any reason.
Sergio Leone- Wells

Barked: Tue May 26, '09 10:10am PST 
We've recently moved to NYC from Topanga Calif. I never had to pay attention to the barking before. I happily found that Sergio only barks when someone is outside the door - he's not a continual barker. Thankfully the noise doesn't transfer to the other apartments.
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