Overwieght golden needs a diet...

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Sunny(f) and- Rambo(m)

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Barked: Tue May 27, '08 2:06pm PST 
Hi everyone! I just joined and have enjoyed looking at many of the other puppy profiles! There are some beaut goldens out there!

Here's our prob. We just took in a VERY big boy named Rambo. His previous owner was a doting old lady who spoiled him waaaay too much. We adopted him sight unseen, and now refer to him as a rescue since he didn't have a long healthy life ahead of him the direction he was going. So now we are trying to bring him down to a fair and healthy weight so he might be with us a few more years at least. He's 5yrs now. Any tips on helping him get healthy?? What would ya'll add or change to our current plan?

We feed him; 16oz. Ol Roy Healthy Weight Management, 2x's a day

And we encourage as much play as possible between him and Sunny for exercise(He doesn't know how to fetch or catch so we're working on that too). Going out for walks isn't possible but we have a large backyard we spend alot of time in...

Have any of you recouped an overweight golden before? If so how long did it take? What did you do/feed? Is there anything else we need to consider in our plan?

Thankyou everyone! This looks like a great community! dog way to go wave

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Barked: Tue May 27, '08 7:12pm PST 
That's great you want to get the weight off! I have done the same (and continue to) with Rudy. He has lost ~18lbs in a little less than a year.

Since a long exercise session might be taxing on him, just start with shorter times that include cardio so you can work up to longer walks. Jogging is great too. I know some Dogsters who have joint problems do swimming - great cardio and easy on the body.

As far as food, Ol' Roy is not the best out there. I would suggest you look at these two links:

So you're confused about dog food...
dog food analysis

If you get a food with less fillers and no corn (ol roy has both), you can feed less and can also mean less of that junk stored in your dog as extra weight.

The ingredients I found for one of the Ol Roy formulas was this:

Ground yellow corn, soybean meal, ground whole wheat, corn syrup, poultry fat, Meat and bone meal (Animal Fat Preserved with BHA and Citric Acid), Chicken by-product Meal, Rice, Animal Digest, Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Potassium Chloride, Choline Chloride, Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin D and E Supplement, Niacin, Copper Sulafate, Manganous Oxide, Vitamin A Supplement, Calcium Pantothenate, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Thiamine Mononitrate, Meadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex Source of Vitamin K, Calcium Iodate, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Riboflavin Supplement, Cobalt Carbonate, Folic Acid, Sodium Selenite, Folic Acid

Many of the first ingredients are corn and I cant imagine dogs would choose to eat that in the wild! laugh out loud

I dont use a diet food for Rudy, I use a regular grain-free kibble and limit his intake with calories in relation to how much exercise he gets. I hope all of this helped - weight loss is slow but so worth it! Good luck and feel free to p-mail any of us if you need support smile

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Barked: Mon Jun 2, '08 12:55pm PST 
I noticed Logan was putting on a little weight. I cut him back on his kibble. We use Eaglepack kibble and Merrick wet. Having cut back I add green beans as filler if you will. There is no fat and it fills the hole.


Barked: Thu Jun 5, '08 12:09pm PST 
My brother and I tend to be overweight. We both love our Beanies and Mom says it helps us with our weight. Mom cuts down our food by almost half, but then she fills up the rest of the bowl with frozen green beans! She says it's healthy for us, but we really think we have her fooled because we LOVE them! We also like peas, carrots (even though Mom says they are high in sugar), spinach, brocolli an cauliflower. We never feel hungry when we eat our veggies! Walter and I aren't into excercise, Mom says it does her more good then us anyway. So we just enjoy our Beanies, get to be lazy and still keep our figures. Good luck!
Captain Jack

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Barked: Thu Jul 17, '08 12:35pm PST 
What kind of green beans do you guys use? The frozen kind, fresh or what? Currently the only kind we use are in his homemade dishes which are usually the frozen ones thrown in with his chicken.

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Barked: Fri Jul 25, '08 9:01am PST 
I have gained a couple of pounds after the puppies were born. So my owner ask the doctor and they gave me some diet food. Now I get about 3 cups of food a day and one treat a day. Also about 2-3 walks a day. My owner is trying to give me a carrot but I don't like them. Even though carrots are very good for dogs.

Now after about 2 months on that diet, I have lost about 3 pounds. That is a very good start for me. Says the doctor.cheer

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Barked: Fri Oct 24, '08 1:57pm PST 
I started agility now. Well...I started a long time ago. Now that I am back in it, I am running a lot and becoming more active. After about 5 months on the diet food, I have lost 9 pounds. I am looking skinier. I still only eat 2 cups a day and go on long walks. If I don't go on a walk, I do agility. If I don't do either, I go outside and run around with my son.
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Barked: Sat Dec 20, '08 4:28pm PST 
Treats are the main culprit for weight gain and for some reason goldens are prone to weight gain. I do fruits and vegetables ONLY as treats and tons of exercise. Green beans and pumpkin can be used as fillers - substitute 1/2 cup dry food with 1/2 cup green beans for a few weeks. Also, canned food is always more fatty than dry and can be worse for the teeth in the long run. If you really want a good way to shed the pounds ask your vet about Prescription Hills R/D food. It works wonders. And now there is also a medication called Slentrol for dogs. Seems to work so far it is a more slow weight loss but a safe one. If your dog won't eat without the canned food try a little warm water on the dry. Good Luck!!

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Barked: Wed Dec 31, '08 7:24pm PST 
I lost 10lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!cheerdancing

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Barked: Sat Jan 17, '09 3:28pm PST 
My person recently had dinner with a vet and asked about giving me green beans since she'd heard a lot of dogs get them for treats and he agreed, he said they were a great food for us and low in calories and fat! However, she hates green beans so she's not sure she wants them in the house laugh out loud

Oh and Rambo, how are you learning to fetch? I just don't see the point and my person keeps trying to get me to do it. But if I bring her the ball she just throws it again, how silly!

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