Do you think i am part german shepherd?

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Barked: Fri Jan 15, '10 12:40pm PST 
This is Vader, he was a stray....a friend of ours found him and could not keep him, so we took him hoping to find his owners or a permanent family seeing how we have 4 kids and 2 dogs already...but he is irresistible! not sure what kind of dog he is but he is HUGE...i know he is a puppy because he just lost his canines around thanksgiving this year. but he is already bigger than our other 2 full grown adult dogs. he is sooo smart and has a INCRIDABLE nose on him.he sticks to my side like glue...where i am he is... Vader also does this weird thing with his jaws..when he is playing with Aragon..our other dog, he snaps them..HARD..all you year is his teeth clicking together....he doesn't hurt aragon, but its so bizarre....i told tristen we should have called him jaws..lol!..He also LOVES the water and the cold weather....he prefers to lay on the cold tile rather then the couch or the carpet, and loves to lay against the cold glass on the sliding glass door. The Vet is not sure, he think maybe lab/german shepherd, or maybe border collie/ lab but he is sooo tall and lanky he think there is something else mixed in to..

you can go to his profile to see more pictures of him.....

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Barked: Fri Jan 15, '10 1:15pm PST 
I don't know, but gosh what a CUTIE!!!! thinking

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Barked: Fri Jan 15, '10 6:47pm PST 
It's certainly possible. Boy Vader is a cutie!! He actually looks a bit like Risa. Not that that helps determine what mix he might be as I have little idea what Ri is a mix of.


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Barked: Sat Jan 16, '10 7:04am PST 
From his head shot my first thought was *no* but then I went to his page & now I have to say it is quite possible. Maybe gsd/lab with a dash of boxer. I love that one white paw! He really is a cute little guy. Good luck finding him a home....(or keeping him for yourselves). I would have probably fallen in love & hid him when folks came to look.! BOL

Barked: Sat Jan 16, '10 7:54am PST 
thanks for responding! oh yes he is adorable and we are keeping him..no one ever claimed him or wanted him and our family just fell in love with him!..he is SO smart...and fits right in!

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Barked: Wed Jan 20, '10 8:04am PST 
I'm no expert but I would guess that he does have shepherd in him. Reason I think so is the ears and the shape/look of his face. Either way he is one cute dog, I can see how you got so attached to him. Lucky him to have found a good home.