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Full-grown size

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for Rio - CYSTS BE GONE!!
Barked: Tue Aug 7, '07 4:44am PST 
It's hard to tell just from pics, of course - but you look perfect to us, Rex. You'll fill out a little more in the shoulders and chest, but that's a nice slim waistline!
Miss Jade

Jade " Princess- of the house"
Barked: Tue Aug 7, '07 4:53pm PST 
Miss Jade is on the large size at 24 inches and 115 lbs. Yes a little over weight. There vet said she is a big girl and 90 to 95 lbs would be her ideal weight. She is 5 years old.
So we are on a diet. At this point hips are good but as we get older I am worried .So, Weight lose is a must for her.

My male Lakota is at 26 inches and 110 lbs. He looks good not over weight. I can run my hands over his side and feel his ribs. Of course you cant see them and ya have to feel a bit . He has a big chest. Both my kids were about 3 when they leveled off on there weight maybe 2 1/2... Untill that they were in the awakerd stage.

Miss Jade as always been on the heavy side even as a pup at 12 weeks she weighted in at 25 lbs.
As you can tell she loves food.
They are 5 and 6. So we are at the point when both my kids need to be watching there weight.

Futuristic Bow- Wow
Barked: Tue Aug 7, '07 6:04pm PST 
I heard they mature around 2 years of age.


Ekko~Forever in- our hearts
Barked: Wed Aug 8, '07 5:27am PST 
WOW Miss your stats...your two might be the biggest!shock
Miss Jade

Jade " Princess- of the house"
Barked: Wed Aug 8, '07 5:48pm PST 
Yeah I am big girl. Female at 24 1/2 inches to the shoulder.Im am now 5 years old. I was 115 lbs last month at the vet. When my mom took me home they told her I would be a big girl. My dad was 130 lbs and mom was 110. I am pure GSD. I am German and Czech lines.

My brother Lakota is male, 26 inches to the shoulder. American lines. He is 6 years old.
Mom says she will be adding some better pics of us soon.
Miss Jade

Jade " Princess- of the house"
Barked: Wed Aug 8, '07 5:57pm PST 
Sorry guys but just had to say this.
Who cares what size we are ,we are loved. Our mom and dads know best how to care for us.
Some of are smaller and some are bigger but we are all still GSD.

If someone ask about our size and they think we are to small or to big. I just tell them , My mom thinks I'm perfect...........

I think you are all cute and perfect the way you are.

Member Since
Barked: Sun Nov 25, '12 6:08pm PST 
My German Shepard is 6 Months old and stands 25" at shoulders and weighs in at 72 LBS. He is one of the most gentle and loving dogs that I have ever seen. He is an inside dog so we were wondering about how big will he get? His mom was about 60lbs 24" at shoulders but his dad was about 125lbs and 30" at shoulders.
Czarka, CGC- UJJ

Why walk when- you can run?
Barked: Wed Nov 28, '12 7:15am PST 
6 months... going to be a big guy smile Charks is about 24" and 80 lb (at 6 years). She's an indoor pup (with a good off switch). There is not a real issue with size as long as your guy learns to take zoomies outside laugh out loud
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