English Setter & English Pointer Mix

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Where's Maggie?
Barked: Tue Sep 11, '07 7:28am PST 
Hi there,
Could some folks with English Setters let us know about their dogs? What their breed is suppose be be like. How they're like how they're "suppose" to be & how they're not.
Mom is looking at a mixed girl who just had, got this--11, big, fat, healthy puppies & the shelter is now placing her. She's beautiful!

agility- extroidinaire
Barked: Tue Jul 22, '08 8:06pm PST 
most setters are very energetic, they need lots of attention and excercise. if mine doesnt, then she gets very destructive. they are very smart and easy to train though. plus, theyre very very sweet.
RIP Willow- and Bear- bear

Ward's Willow
Barked: Thu May 28, '09 7:48pm PST 
I've had 3 generations of setters in my home. Most of my dogs were laid back and easy going and very sweet. Hunting wise it' s not to hard to train them as they will most of the time point on there own terms. Temperament wise just like any other dog breed it depends on the dog itself. They can be really silly at times which is great fun to watch point birds as you take them out for a walk.