Heart disease......what now?

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Barked: Wed Dec 16, '09 10:47am PST 
A couple of months ago, I posted asking about what a cough could possibly mean in Cooper. He had started coughing a rather dry cough every time he got up from sleeping or laying down. Well, I took him to the vet's this morning as his cough was worsening and he has started to show signs of becoming very weak when walking. It turns out that Coop has heart disease. From here, what should I expect? Is there anyone out there that has experience with this? Can he exercise like he used to or should I take extra care not to over exert him? The doctor has started him on a type of medication (diuretic) that takes extra fluid out of the body and away from the heart and he should fare better once the meds take effect but what else should I do to keep him feeling well? Any help would be great. I feel a little lost at the moment........
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wave Cooper
I don't have any experience with this. I just wanted to say I'm sorry to hear that this is going on with you. I would ask the vet if there are any limitations.

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Our doberman Zeus died just this week from heart disease. He probably had cardiomyopathy. He sometimes coughed, but the main symptom was that he fainted. Our vet was treating him with a human drug to try to control his arrhythmia, and it seemed to be working. Unfortunately, it was just not enough. I suggest that you talk to your vet about whether this is his problem. He may want to have an ECG done, and maybe an ultrasound. If your vet is not familiar with this problem, look for a referral to a vet who is. If it is cardiomyopathy, the outlook may not be good. Overexertion should definitely be avoided.

I am very sorry about your Dobie and I hope you can get his problems under control. Good luck.


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Hi, I saw your post about your dog having heart disease. depending on the problem, with the right meds he can live a normal life. My Doby was diagnosed with a heart problem several years ago. He is on meds for it and he seems to be doing quite well. The vets haven't said to limit his activity. Just do whatever your vet says. The point is it is not automaticly a death sentence. I guess when I was told my dog had a heart problem it didn't scare me so much because I also have heart disease and I know you can live quite well with it. You just have to take the meds and do what the doctor says.

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We also lost our Macey 5 yrs ago just last Monday to cardiomyopothy, and dobermans are well known for this disease. Our girl they tried 3 different human heart medications and she seemed to be doing really well. She was also fighting cancer at the same time. Since they only gave her 3 months with the cancer, I did NOT limit her only because I wanted her to love what time she had left. If it weren't for the cancer, I would have limited her because she actually died of a heart attack in my arms after running around playing with our dobie pup. These meds can be VERY hard on them to find the right one, but they did help her. I'm sorry to say, but there's not much hope for cardiomyopothy as my vet said at any time she could have had a heart attack. I'm sorry I can't be more positive....hope all is well...

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Very sorry to hear about Coop. I have a 9 yo female(Zoie) that is suffering from the same problem. It came on very sudden. Teat and xrays revealed enlarged heart and fluids in the lungs. My vet put her on IV diuretics and two heart medication. Zoie stayed in the clinic over night and came home the next morning. She is doing pretty well at this point. Night and day over the first night. The long term prognosis in not good. A good reference to learn more is the internet. I googles Dobierman Pinscher-heart disease and many sites came up. I learned a lot . None of it good news for Zoie. I know this doesn't help but it is the facts that dobie lovers have to face. According to the site I read 50% of all dobies are prone to DCI. Dialated Cardio myopathy. Good luck.