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Mighty Titan- "Ty Ty"

Barked: Sun May 3, '09 1:34pm PST 
Hey doesn't anyone else notice that Dobies do funny things? Does anyone else have to stand by while their dobie eats? If I am not near he won't eat what is in the bowl. And he uses his paws alot, grabbing things too far under the couch or reaching in to steal a toy from brother? Ty is my second dobie and they both did these things!
Fungi, BH

Zoom-Zoom-Zoom- Zoomiiieeesss!!!
Barked: Mon May 4, '09 11:53am PST 
laugh out loud Yes! The paws grabbing everything... Fungi sometimes knocks his ball under the sofa and tries like crazy to drag it back out with his paws. Sometimes he manages to get it out. Other times, when he accidentally pushes it further back, he'll stand and look at me and let out a really high-pitched yip. laugh out loud
Another little quirk is what I call his "Butt scratch wiggle dance". If he's being petted, he'll sometimes turn his back for a butt scratch and wiggles from side to side.

Barked: Thu May 7, '09 8:23am PST 
Our dobies used to "smile" when they were excited. Usually it was when I was getting ready to take my horse out in the woods for a ride. They would stand in front of the horse, bow and smile. They would get so excited. Very intelligent, nice breed of dog. smile

Saxon Aegis

Hooray! They've- left the room!
Barked: Mon Jun 1, '09 1:39pm PST 
Haha, yes!

I've been wondering what that's about. I *must* stand there and watch him eat, or he'll leave his food to go sit where I am and won't eat anything at all.

Does your dog play 'hot hands' with you too?
Takoda CGC

Barked: Mon Jun 8, '09 1:06pm PST 
Hey Fungi,

That's what Takoda has doing ever since we got him. You'll be petting him and he'll just spin around and back his butt right up to you. Give him a butt rub and he's wiggling from side to side and then his head starts doing the same.

If I sit on the floor with him, he'll come over, turn and sit on my stomach.

Crazy dog.
Cooper- 1999-March- 13th, 2010

Hangin' with Mr.- Cooper
Barked: Sat Jul 18, '09 7:38am PST 
OMD!! I thought Cooper was just mental or something as I have only had him for almost two years. I have to stand by him while he eats, as well.
Also, when we are getting ready to go for a walk, he gets a massive silly grin on his face

To reconstruct- every mummy's- shoes!
Barked: Sat Aug 29, '09 6:49am PST 
Happens in both my dobes - that occasional Zoolander look sometimes *DUH*!Ya, and that pawing thing!
Mighty Titan- "Ty Ty"

Barked: Sat Oct 30, '10 7:08am PST 
Hey guys Ty Ty's mom Here sorry I haven't posted lately. So great to hear that my Dobie is not crazy. Wanted to tell all that I have the spin and butt scratch as well. Some day's I wish that his face was what I got to scratch all the time but alas the butt is way more important to him. Just got a long haired chi pup and at first he was aloof to him but they went to the vet on the same day the other day and they told him he went crazy with concern when they gave the pup a shot and he cried. He isn't fooling anyone he loves the new pup. Check his new bro's pic on the profile.
Damon - SD, CGC

I am my Mom's- velcro dog!!
Barked: Mon Nov 29, '10 10:09am PST 
Damon has to be touching me. If he is laying on the floor he has to be touching my foot with his body or be near enough so he can reach out with a paw and touch me. And he likes to lay his chewies on me and have me hold them while he chews on them. LOL Gotta love a Dobe!