Dalmation diets

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Hello everyone,

This is our second Dalmation and I have some concerns about his diet.Our first Dalmation(Phantom) had problems digesting protien and several problems with stones.After over $2000 in surgery and special diets we finaly were able to control the stone issues.My question is, does anyone have sugestions on a diet for our new pup? I know we need to watch the protien in his food but the foods have changed so much I'm not sure what to feed him.I noticed there are alot of foods loaded with soy and grains.I am presently feeding him a low protien dry food with a wet food with lamb.If anyone can help me with this issue I would be very grateful.

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(Only For Dalmatians)The Purine are categorized in three groups. The RED is to be avoided as much as possible:-
"Green Light" Purines. The following foods are considered virtually purine-free and get the "green light" in terms of being used in diets and as treats for dogs predisposed to forming stones:
• Whole grain, yeast-free breads and cereals
• Most vegetables, including potatoes (see exceptions below)
• Fruits (avoid acidic citrus)
• Nuts (including peanut butter)
• Pasta
• Eggs
• Cheese
• Milk
• Butter
"Yellow Light" Purines. The following foods are considered to contain a moderate level of purines and are acceptable in diets for stone-forming dog breeds. Most or even all of your Dalmatian's protein sources should come from this list as opposed to the "Red Light" purines listed in the next section.
• Most poultry, including chicken and turkey
• Fish and shellfish (see exceptions below)
• Lamb, pork, and beef
• Oats and oatmeal
"Red Light" Purines. The following foods contain the highest levels of purines and should be avoided as much as possible to help prevent stone formation:
• Organ meats – kidneys, livers, brains, hearts, sweetbreads, etc.
• Game meats such as venison and goose
• High-purine seafoods – sardines, mackerel, mussels, and scallops
• High-purine vegetables – cauliflower, spinach, peas, mushrooms, and legumes (kidney beans, navy & lima beans, lentils)
• Yeast (including brewer's yeast)
• Gravies

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Theres alot of detailed information about dalmatians at http://caringforyourdalmatian.blogspot.com/