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Barked: Wed Mar 31, '10 11:53am PST 
I am looking into getting a Dalmatian, I have loved the idea for years since I am in the fire service. The Dog will be around a 4 year old Lab that is well trained and people, have a neighbor with 5 kids all over 6. I feel with the attention of the people and a friend to play with I could raise a Dal with good manors.

My first question is Male or Female? I have looked around and found nothing to describe the difference in attitude or ability to train.

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Barked: Wed Apr 21, '10 8:15pm PST 
Males are more prone to bladder stones even though the whole breed gets them chronically. So watch what you feed. As to you having a dog, that will not help with socialization because then your dog will only be comfortable with that one dog. They need ALL the socialization they can get as immediately as you can (with knowing that they don't have all their vaccines yet) I've 'heard' that females can be more territorial... but depending the sex of your lab, I would probably go opposite. My two females (one who came from a rep. breeder and one that I have no clue where she came from) have both been total sweethearts... so I dunno. But my next dal (which may be coming along in about six months or so... who knows) will be a male.