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Tipper-aka- Lots 'o- Spots
Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 8:56pm PST 
Hi All!

I'd like to invite anyone visiting this forum to join our Dalmatian group, Connect The DOTS!.

We are continuously looking for new members to join in our fun and conversations. We have games, a general "chit-chat" thread, monthly Dal 'o The MONTH, and lots of "tip-sharing" for those with questions or who need advice.

Come on over, we'd love to meet you!

Princess- Birdykins
Barked: Sun Nov 8, '09 9:12pm PST 
Best group on Dogster!!!!!

Check out my- Grin
Barked: Tue Feb 9, '10 8:44pm PST 
Hopefully this is an active group. Count me in!


st. francis of- asses
Barked: Wed Feb 10, '10 8:05am PST 
Hi, I am also looking for an active group. We have a new Dal puppy and it has already been quite an experience!!! Hope to meet some dal owners that can give advice as my last dal was an adult when we adopted her.