Pink is SO not a manly color...

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Barked: Sat Sep 13, '08 10:07am PST 
Yet Mickey turns pink every so often. We've noticed that usually it happens after he gets into some cat food or any people food at all. So usually when he has the worst gas laugh out loud

Does this happen to anyone else?

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Barked: Sun Dec 28, '08 7:38pm PST 
Yes...it probably means he has allergies of some sort. For one, cat food is not good for a dog and vice -versa ! Dogs can be allergic to corn, wheat, soy, beef , chicken, pork grass, you name it! My Maizy is going on 6 in March. She was fine for the first year, than all of a sudden, we'd realize she was itching and turning pink. I did take her to a vet dermotologist and he suggested venison and benedry 3 times daily. Well the venison didn't help, the benedryl helps a little, but is only a bandage. You have to get to the root of the problem. I can't tell you how many foods we have been thru. Just when I think she's doing better, something else flares up. It's very discouraging and I feel sorry for the dog. Buy good quality dogfood and read labels....no corn. wheat , soy. Mine does better on grain-less. Right now she is terrible itchy and I don't know what it is. I don't want her on prednisone, as it damages the liver and kidney. I heard of Atopia, but don't know the side effects. Keep a close eye on him/her.

Barked: Sat Jan 10, '09 1:50pm PST 
My Lady Steffanie could pass gas just drinking water,even on a veggan diet. The Dr that treated her said we should give beano.Did not think it was funny,but she did clear a room. She has crossed over now, at 16 she was the best. She was put down Jan 2 after a house full of party friends loved on her all night. A stroke the day before paralized her back legs.


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Barked: Thu Feb 26, '09 9:52pm PST 
Are any of you feeding the BARF diet? It works WONDERS for skin allergies..no more huge vet bills or expensive meds! You wouldnt believe the difference if you tried it.dancing
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Barked: Wed Apr 8, '09 3:50pm PST 
Mom had me on Atopica a couple of years ago. My favorite Dr. suggested it as alternative to Predisone. I always had some skin issues since I was a little pup, and it doesn't help that we live in a dust bowl environment.
I remember that Mom had to adhere to the specific times to give me that big horse pill. I also remember that one time I got sick from it because Mom fed me dinner about 45 minutes later instead of waiting a whole hour. Mom found the generic version after the first 30 month dosage I was started on. I was on Atopica/generic version for about 2 1/2 months total on a daily basis.